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Send Maine Businesses and Government a Message in a Bottle – a Baby Bottle
Make it your business to protect Maine families from toxic chemicals

Join the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine for special events to let public officials and retail stores know that we want toxic chemicals out of children’s products and dangerous products off store shelves.


We’ll hand out information to shoppers, talk to the media, and collect messages to businesses and public officials. Please take an hour out of your day to join us.

SPECIAL GUEST – A giant, twenty-foot-tall inflatable baby bottle! You don’t want to miss it.

At right: Cheryl Denis of Mom to Mom speaks at the Portland event.

Portland – Thursday, June 4. Noon in Monument Square downtown. Please arrive by 11:45 AM

Portland - Sunday, June 7. Old Port Festival.

Augusta – Tuesday, June 9. Noon in front of the entrance to Walgreens in Augusta (at 45 Grove Street, just off the rotary - as though you were leaving the rotary to head down to Water Street)

Bangor – now on Tuesday, June 16
Noon at Rite Aid at 226 Union Street & Hammond Street
Please arrive by 11:45 AM

Brunswick - Wednesday, June 17
11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
On town green across from Rite Aid at 156 Maine Street
(near Tontine Mall and Bull Moose Records)

Every Maine family deserves a home free of toxic chemicals. Our children deserve to grow up without dangerous chemicals in their bottles, cups, and food harming them. Parents deserve to know that the products they buy for their babies and children are safe. Retail stores deserve to know what chemicals are used in the products they sell.

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that chemicals like bisphenol-A (BPA) harm developing brains and bodies, these dangerous chemicals are still used in baby bottles and other infant and child feeding products found on store shelves in Maine.

Replacing toxic chemicals with safer alternatives is good for business and good for our families. Let’s tell Maine stores and government: “Make it your business to protect Maine families from toxic chemicals.”

For more information or to sign up for one or more of the events, contact Meredith Small at Maine Toxics Action.

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