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Additional Resources on Phthalates and Other Chemicals of High Concern


• Schmitt C, Belliveau M, Donahue R, Sears A. 2007. Body of Evidence: A Study of Pollution in Maine People. Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine. <>

• U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals. <>


• Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Danish Surveys on Chemicals in Consumer Products (2001-2013). <

•; Researching Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Products. Ecology Center. <>

• State of Washington, Department of Ecology. Children’s Safe Products Act Reports. <>


• Belliveau M, Lester S. 2004. Chapter 8: Don’t Buy It, in PVC: Bad News Comes in Threes: The Poison Plastic, Health Hazards and the Looming Waste Crisis. Center for Health, Environment and Justice; Environmental Health Strategy Center. <>

• Center for Health, Environment and Justice. PVC-Free Products for your School and Home. <>

• Healthy Building Network. PVC-Free Alternatives. <>

• Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, University of Massachusetts Lowell. 2011. Phthalates and Their Alternatives: Health and Environmental Concerns. Technical Briefing. January. <>

• U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Design for the Environment. Alternatives to Certain Phthalates Partnership. <>


• European Chemicals Agency. Authorisation List. <>

• State of California, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment. Current Proposition 65 List. <>

• State of Maine, Department of Environmental Protection. Chemicals of High Concern. <>

• State of Washington, Children’s Safe Product Act: The Reporting List of Chemicals of High Concern to Children. <>

• United States Environmental Protection Agency. Phthalates Action Plan. <>

• United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Phthalates. <>


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