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Our Principles
We believe that all Maine people have a right to a healthy environment where we live, work and play.
We envision a future free of exposure to harmful chemicals in our air, water or food.
We want our children to grow up healthy with every opportunity to thrive.
We seek to build a healthy economy that provides good jobs producing clean products and services.
We are proud of all that’s been accomplished so far toward a clean and healthy Maine.


This report is a collaborative effort of the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition, a campaign dedicated to protecting American families from toxic chemicals. The report incorporates a significant body of peer-reviewed science on chemicals and health. Download the report.


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Join the Citizen’s Right-to-Know Phthalates Campaign!

Our Citizen-Backed Proposal
Right now, retailers and consumers are left in the dark as to which products contain phthalates. Our proposal to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection calls for requiring manufacturers of household products to report that information publicly. We need your help so that parents, pregnant women and all Mainers know which products contain these harmful chemicals.

Visit our Phthalates Right-to-Know page!
 News and Events
Farmed salmon diet fattens mice
Environmental Health News - 10/20/2011. 
A study with mice provides more evidence that a diet high in farmed salmon contaminated by persistent organic pollutants - POPs - contributes to weight gain and increases the risk of diabetes.
State employee says she was demoted after testifying about BPA
Bangor Daily News - 10/18/2011. 
by Judy Harrison. A state employee has sued the head of the Department of Environmental Protection alleging she was demoted after testifying before a legislative committee during her vacation about the dangers of the chemical bisphenol A, or BPA.
Chemical Industry Shifts on BPA After Spending Millions to Fight Legislation
New York Times - 10/12/2011. 
by Jeremy Jacobs of GREENWIRE. The American Chemistry Council recently announced that there's no reason to worry about bisphenol-A (BPA) in baby bottles and children's sippy cups because the controversial plastic additive is no longer used in those products in the United States.
Toxins All around Us
Scientific American - 10/11/2011. 
Exposure to the chemicals in everyday objects poses a hidden health threat.
Chemicals play role in obesity?
Portland Press Herald - 10/11/2011. 
It's a theory that's gaining some believers, and it will be explored Friday at a Colby College conference.
Environmentalists right, Rep. Volk wrong on chemical law
Portland Press Herald - 10/10/2011. 
A lawmaker's critique of the Kids Safe Products Act is filled with false rhetoric about a good law.
Parents need Snowe, Collins to be heroes in toxic chemical fight
Waterville Morning Sentinel - 10/8/2011. 
Op-Ed by Megan Rice.
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