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Protecting Against BPA - CPR Offers Federal Action Plan
Center For Progressive Reform - 1/30/2012. 
It’s in baby bottles and water bottles, and is commonly used in the resin lining of food and beverage cans. It’s Bisphenol A, better known as BPA. It’s also what’s called an endocrine disruptor, because it mimics the effects of critical hormones in the body, causing a variety of negative health effects in research. The Center for Progressive Reform has just released the report, Protecting the Public from BPA: An Action Plan for Federal Agencies (CPR White Paper 1202). The paper offers up a series of recommendations for federal action on BPA, directing recommendations at specific agencies.
What's Gotten Into Us?
Maine Public Broadcasting Network - 1/27/2012. 
McKay Jenkins, author and professor of English and Director of Journalism at the University of Delaware focuses on the connections between the chemicals we are exposed to and health. Jenkins discusses how synthetic chemicals, such as BPA, that are used in common products make their way into our bodies. In his book, What’s Gotten Into Us, he writes a lot about Maine's Body of Evidence study in which 13 Maine people were tested for dozens of chemicals used in common products.
State Legislatures To Tackle Toxic Chemicals In 2012
Safer Chemicals Healthy Families - 1/26/2012. 
In 2012, at least 28 state legislatures will consider legislation to address concerns over toxic chemicals in consumer products, according to a new analysis by Safer States, a national coalition of state-based environmental organizations. Bills to be introduced this year will cover a broad list of topics, including bans on toxic chlorinated Tris flame retardants and cadmium, and requirements that makers of consumer products publicly disclose chemicals in products.
Chemicals in carpeting, food packaging may harm kids’ immune systems
Bangor Daily News - 1/25/2012. 
Chemicals used in consumer products, including rain gear, stain-resistant carpeting, microwave popcorn bags and fast-food packaging, appear to limit children’s disease-fighting immune responses, a study found.
Any Lead Is Too Much Lead
The Atlantic - 1/12/2012. 
The CDC's Advisory Committee on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention has proposed radical changes to the way we identify, prevent, and treat this toxic substance in our kids.
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