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Strategy Being Devised To Protect Use of BPA
Washington Post - 5/31/2009. 
Manufacturers of cans for beverages and foods and some of their biggest customers, including Coca-Cola, are trying to devise a public relations and lobbying strategy to block government bans of a controversial chemical used in the linings of metal cans and lids.
Pancreatic cancer linked to herbicides
Science News - 5/28/2009. 
A new study links two weed killers with pancreatic cancer in pesticide applicators and their spouses. The authors, most of whom work for the National Cancer Institute, note that they are the first to link this particular malignancy with the farm chemicals — pendimethalin and EPTC — and really don’t know how either would trigger cancer (although they do have a theory). But for now they are recommending that “these findings should be considered hypothesis generating and in need of confirmation.”
Parkinson's: The Pesticide Link
OnEarth Magazine - 5/28/2009. 
Scientists are closing in on an inescapable conclusion: Pesticides may be a cause of Parkinson's disease.
Proposed BPA Chemical Ban Passes Connecticut House
Hartford Courant - 5/23/2009. 
After its second debate on the topic this year, the state House unanimously approved a bill Friday to ban a chemical commonly used in plastic containers used by babies and children. The bill bans certain products containing bisphenol A, or BPA, which is used to harden plastic, as of Oct. 1, 2011. The products involved are reusable food and beverage containers, including containers of infant formula and baby food, reusable spill-proof cups, plastic sports bottles and Thermoses. The sports bottles sometimes carry the names of popular sports teams.
Drinking from plastic bottles 'increases exposure to gender-bending chemical'
Telegraph (U.K.) - 5/22/2009. 
Scientists have demonstrated for the first time that polycarbonate containers release the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) into liquid stored in them.
Worries Increasing About Our Food
Portland Press Herald - 5/18/2009. 
Letter to Editor from Sally Chappell, Maine Council of Churches.
Save money by forgoing spray of poisons on lawns
Kennebec Journal - 5/18/2009. 
Letter to editor of Kennebec Journal by Nancy Peavey.
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