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Bisphenol A exposure linked to brain tumor diagnosis
Environmental Health News - 6/26/2012. 
Exposure to bisphenol A may be a risk factor for a common type of brain tumor called meningioma, reports a study from China. This is the first study to suggest a link between brain cancer and the chemical, which is widely used in consumer products.
Chemicals in furniture target of Calif. lawmakers
San Francisco Chronicle - 6/25/2012. 
The same warning label used since 1975 is visible on the bottom of a desk chair at the home Judy Levin, in Oakland, Ca., on Friday June 22, 2012. California has the opportunity to set the tone for a new national furniture fire-safety standard to replace the state's decades-old requirement that had led to the use of toxic flame retardants in couches, chairs and baby product sold throughout North America.
Groups want Maine BPA ban extended to jars, cans holding baby food
Associated Press - 6/22/2012. 
A group of mothers backed by environmental groups are pressing Maine regulators to extend the state's ban on the chemical bisphenol-A.
Maine Moms to Submit Signatures to Get Toxic BPA out of Baby Food
ACHM Announcements - 6/21/2012. 
Safer Alternatives are Available and should be Used, Say Moms
Maine Moms Ask Environmental Board To Strengthen BPA LAW
WABITV5 - 6/21/2012. 
Environmental advocates have been trying for two years to convince the state to ban the chemical Bisphenol-A or BPA from all kids products in Maine.
Moms turn in signatures to extend chemical ban
Portland Press Herald - 6/21/2012. 
More than a dozen mothers turned in signatures today to try to compel the state Board of Environmental Protection to ban the chemical bisphenol-A from baby and toddler food packaging.
Wide-ranging Support for Banning BPA From Baby and Toddler Products
Maine Public Broadcasting Network - 6/21/2012. 
A coalition of mothers, fathers, pediatricians and environmental groups is calling on the Maine Board of Environmental Protection to require the phasing out the toxic chemical Bisphenol A from infant formula, baby and toddler food packaging. The group presented more than 800 petitions in support of the action. Members said there are already safer alternatives available on the market.
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