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Letter to the editor: DEP urged to take action on dangerous phthalates
Portland Press Herald - 6/24/2014. 
Letter by Jeffrey Saffer, M.D. - I recently learned about a study that found detectable and in some cases, high levels of a dangerous chemical called phthalates in the bodies of 25 Mainers. Phthalates are often called “the everywhere chemical” because they are found in so many products. They are used to soften plastics for things like shower curtains, food packaging and even hospital tubing. They are also hidden as fragrance in personal care products. Phthalates are linked to serious human health effects like asthma, birth defects and learning disabilities. As a family doctor, father and grandfather, it more than worries me.
BPA May Make Breast Cancer Cells Resistant To Treatment
North Carolina Public Radio - 6/24/2014. 
A new study from Duke University suggests a chemical found in many plastics can make breast cancer cells resistant to treatment.
Preserve Maine’s role in protecting our kids from toxic chemicals
Bangor Daily News - 6/23/2014. 
OpEd by Janet Mills - Ever wonder what’s in that baby bottle your infant uses? The teether she chews on? The toys your kids climb on and fall on, and the ones they put in their mouths?
Toxic chemical information should be out in the open - 6/20/2014. 
OpEd by Meredith Strang Burgess - I am a mother with three grown children and a former Republican state representative who served six years in the Legislature until 2012. This year, I joined a bipartisan group of current and former legislators who took tested ourselves for several chemicals known as phthalates.
Advocates Bring Concerns About Phthalates to Monument Square Rally
Munjoy Hill News - 6/20/2014. 
By Carol McCracken - A diverse group of advocates brought their concerns about phthalates in household products to the forefront yesterday at a noon rally at Monument Square in downtown Portland.
Portland has chemical quiz
WMTW News 8 - 6/19/2014. 
Portland - People in downtown Portland had a chance to guess where a potentially harmful chemical might be found in household items.
Finding phthalates in household products is a guessing game
ACHM Announcements - 6/19/2014. 
Portland, Maine - People taking their lunch break in Portland’s Monument Square today were given a chance to guess which common household products contain hormone-disrupting chemicals called phthalates. Hawkers offered passers-by a chance to win a prize for correctly identifying the products containing phthalates, but participants quickly realized there was no way to know, because information on phthalates is not provided on packaging or available in an internet search.
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