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Plastics chemical linked to changes in baby boys' genitals
Environmental Health News - 10/29/2014. 
By Lindsey Konkel - Boys exposed in the womb to high levels of a chemical found in vinyl products are born with slightly altered genital development, according to research published today.
EPA Adds 23 Chemicals, Including BPA, to Key List for Scrutiny, Possible Action
Bloomberg BNA - 10/27/2014. 
By Pat Rizzuto, Chemical Regulation Reporter - The Environmental Protection Agency has added 23 chemicals – including bisphenol A (BPA), seven phthalates and two flame retardants – to a key list of chemicals that will have particular uses carefully scrutinized for possible regulation or other controls.
Why Some Skin Care Products And Those Thermal Receipts May Be A Troubling Combination
Huffington Post - 10/22/2014. 
By Lynne Peeples - Those little slips of paper that accumulate in our pockets and purses may do more than just document recent take-out meals, pumpkin spice lattes and shopping sprees. Receipts, according to a small study published Wednesday, could also deliver a potentially harmful rush of hormone-scrambling chemicals into our bodies.
BPA in the Air: Manufacturing Plants in Ohio, Indiana, Texas Are Top Emitters
Common Dreams - 10/14/2014. 
By Brian Bienkowski - As concerns mount over people’s exposure to the plasticizer bisphenol A in everyday products, it’s also contaminating the air near manufacturing plants: U.S. companies emitted about 26 tons of the hormone-disrupting compound in 2013. Although research is sparse, experts warn that airborne BPA could be a potentially dangerous route of exposure for some people. Of the 72 factories reporting BPA emissions, the largest sources are in Ohio, Indiana and Texas, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Toxics Release Inventory.
When it comes to food packaging, what we don’t know could hurt us
Ensia - 10/13/2014. 
By Elizabeth Grossman - Upwards of 6,000 different manufactured substances are now listed by various government agencies as approved for use in food contact materials in the U.S. and Europe – materials that can legally go into consumer food packaging, household and commercial food containers, food processing equipment, and other products. Recent analyses have revealed substantial gaps in what is known about the health and environmental effects of many of these materials and raised questions about the safety of others.
Flavors fuel food industry, but remain a mystery
Portland Press Herald - 10/9/2014. 
By Susan Axelrod - “Artificial and natural flavors” have become ubiquitous terms on food labels, helping create vivid tastes that would otherwise be lost in mass production. As the science behind them advances, however, some are calling for greater transparency about their safety and ingredients.
Perspective and a path forward on TSCA reform
Safer Chemicals Healthy Families - 10/8/2014. 
By Andy Ingrejas - Revised versions of the federal Chemical Safety Improvement Act (CSIA) continue to experience political difficulties.
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