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Chemicals: Our Champions, Our Killers
Los Angeles Times - 12/28/2009. 
An environmental lawyer who fought toxic chemicals all his life has to depend on them in a fight for his life.
Sen. Feinstein: Ban BPA from Food and Beverage Containers
TreeHugger - 12/19/2009. 
by Daniel Kessler, Greenpeace. My Senator, Diane Feinstein of California, has penned a blog in the Huffington Post calling on Congress to ban BPA -- short for bisphenol A, the ubiquitous component of plastics that has been linked to infertility and cancer. Feinstein authored the Ban Poisonous Additives (BPA) Act of 2009, which would eliminate the use of BPA from all food and beverage containers.
State's toxics effort weighed
Kennebec Journal - 12/18/2009. 
Maine's plan to be one of the first states to track and regulate toxic chemicals in toys and other children's products drew praise and criticism at a public hearing Thursday.
Chemical Policy Fires up Public
WABITV5 - 12/17/2009. 
On Thursday parents, lawmakers, scientists, health professionals, as well as public health and environmental activists spoke out against toxic chemicals in consumer products and in favor of Maine’s ground-breaking new law. They urged the BEP to adopt important new rules to get the law fully in place and underway, while offering warnings of chemical industry stall tactics designed to delay and derail the law from ever working as it was intended.
Pierre Mineau: let's get rid of the pesticides that are killing birds
The Ecologist - 12/17/2009. 
Canadian scientist Dr Pierre Mineau talks about the ongoing struggle to protect birds from pesticides that 'don't belong in this millennium'
USM notes breakthrough on cancer, toxin
Portland Press Herald - 12/17/2009. 
Researchers at the University of Southern Maine say they have made a breakthrough in their quest to understand how chromium, a common industrial pollutant, causes cancer.
DecaBDE Phase-out Initiative
EPA Announcements - 12/17/2009. 
On December 17, 2009, as the result of negotiations with EPA, the two U.S. producers of decabromodiphenyl ether (decaBDE), Albemarle Corporation and Chemtura Corporation, and the largest U.S. importer, ICL Industrial Products, Inc., announced commitments to phase out decaBDE in the United States.
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