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Are Exercises Effective for Marijuana Detox?

While effect of cannabis plant lasts only for a few hours, its traces can stay inside the human body for days, weeks or even months. Whether consumed or smoked, marijuana spreads throughout the body by the bloodstream. Its main component TetraHydroCannabinol is a lipid soluble substance which is easily absorbed by the body fats and stored there during long time. The amount of THC and its metabolites in the body as well as the time they stored in it are therefore affected by the amount of body fats that a user has. However it also depends on how much, how often and how long a person used the drug.

How Physical Activity Helps Detox Process

Exercises always contribute to overall cleansing, because they enhance circulation of the blood, lymph and air in the body, making liver, lymph nodes and lungs filter more pollutants. Since THC is stored in lipid tissues and exercises burn fat, they really help to detox body from weed. Working out promotes the release of toxins from the fats so they can find their way into your kidneys, which effectively filter harmful substances and move them to a bladder, from where they are removed with urine when you pee. Sweating also helps to get rid of toxins thus facilitating detox process although to a lesser extent.

What Exercises Are Most Helpful?

Whatever exercise you’re doing it surely helps remove traces of marijuana from your system. But if you’re looking for the best ones, you should focus on high intensity training exercises, because they are most effective for burning fat and boosting metabolism, so that most people use these exercises to lose weight and body fats. Because less body fats means less THC and its metabolites to store in, exercises that burn them are very helpful when it comes to marijuana detox.

The most effective ones are:

  1. Rebounding
  2. Running
  3. Bicycling
  4. Swimming

High intensity exercises are characterized by repeated bursts of intense activity followed by a few seconds of recovery, which last from 10 to 30 minutes at least once a day.

exercises help to detox from marijuana

Also, do not underestimate the power of drinking water. Hydration during exercises not only helps to prolong physical activity, but speeds up marijuana detox process as well, inasmuch as water effectively flushes out drug metabolites and other toxins from your body.

Can You Use Exercises to Pass a Drug Test?

No, exercising cannot help pass drug test. Though exercising is really effective method of detox from marijuana, it is recommended for long term use and not as reliable when done short-term to prepare for drug test. Since physical activity burns fat, it releases drug metabolites from fat tissues into blood and urine, what leads to temporary rise of THC concentration in the body. In short term period exercises can actually even lower your chances of passing a drug test. Sometimes they even increase the “high”.

Exercises are recommended only if you want to cleanse your body from toxins, in case you quit smoking pot or just want feel healthy in general. On the other hand, if you want to pass a drug test, you might want to find other ways to detox instead of short-term exercises.