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Can a Heavy Weed Smoker Pass a Drug Test?

The time that marijuana remains in the body varies from person to person. One of the factors determining it is the amount and frequency of smoking: the more you smoke, the longer you have toxins in your system. How does this affect a drug test? Can a heavy weed smoker pass it?

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heavy weed smoker can pass a drug test

How Long THC Stays in the Body

THC can remain detectable for 90 days in hair. However, experts argue that this method may not be the best to test casual users of marijuana. In urine, it is detectable for 3 days to a month. This also depends on the usage. In saliva, THC lasts for 24 hours while blood tests can detect marijuana within 36 hours. So a heavy weed smoker may have to wait for a while before getting a clean result.

A study at Harvard University sought to answer the question of how long weed stays in the body system. It involved only heavy weed smokers who had smoked weed every day before participation in the study. Some of the participants abstained from marijuana for 28 days. Within one week, five of them were non-detectable. Another four passed the urine test by the second week. In the third week, two passed the drug test. About six participants still had detectable levels of cannabinoids by the fourth week.

This proves that there is no one size fits all approach to determine if a heavy smoker will pass a drug test within a specific time. However, most serious potheads are non-detectable when they stay off weed for a month.

How a Heavy Weed Smoker Can Pass a Drug Test

THC enters different organs and body tissues or can be metabolized by the liver. These metabolites are excreted through urine. Stoners can pass a drug test with some help from natural and artificial vices. They include:

Artificial Ways

  • Synthetic urine: this method is one of the oldest in the world. It involves using synthetic urine and heating it properly before the test and submitting the sample instead of actual urine.
  • Detox pills: a heavy weed smoker can be clean in 5 – 10 days with detox pills. These pills clean the bloodstream, urine, and saliva for a drug test. Some detox kits come with drug test kits so you can verify that it is effective before the big day. However, you need at least 7 days to be 100% sure that you are clean.
  • Detox drinks: some detox drinks may help heavy stoners to pass a drug test. A casual user of marijuana will test positive 10 days after occasional use. Daily users may have traces of THC for a month or more. Detox drinks can flush the system for a quick drug test. It takes effect in 90 minutes and produces a clean result for 6 hours. Note that detox drinks do not work miraculously. You need to stop smoking weed before the drug test. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

  • Detox mouthwash: use this product to pass a saliva drug test. All you need to do is rinse your mouth with a detoxifying mouthwash 15 minutes before the sample collection.

  • Detox shampoo: heavy weed smokers can pass a hair test for drugs with a detox shampoo. Conventional shampoos cannot scrub chemical residues of the metabolites from the hair shaft. This is why detox shampoo is necessary.

Natural Ways

There are some natural ways to detox from THC. They include:

  • Diet: A lean fat diet and weight loss help reduce the THC levels in the body. THC is usually stored in fat cells, so when a person is fatter, traces of THC stay longer in the body.
  • Exercise: THC can be flushed out from the body through sweating. Exercise is one way to sweat, but it could have an opposite effect if it is done just before the test. It is safer to exercise a few weeks before the test.
  • Water: drinking water is another good way to detox for a urine test. However, it will take some time to work. Increasing water intake can flush it faster, but it may not get it all out.
  • Lemon juice: lemon juice is a natural detox drink due to its alkaline state. It has been proven to flush metabolites of THC in small quantities. The juice is usually mixed with ½ liter of water and stoners may require several mixes daily for a few weeks before the drug test.
  • Coffee: Coffee is a known stimulant in the cannabis industry. It is effective in removing THC metabolites from the body. The coffee triggers dehydration and reduces the number of metabolites in the body. However, this drink shouldn't be taken without isotonic drinks or water to flush the body.
  • Cranberry juice: this natural antioxidant is known for flushing toxins out of the kidneys. It can also be used to reduce THC metabolites in a week. Cranberry juice works like coffee and requires some water or electrolyte-rich drinks.

Reminder for Heavy Smokers

All the natural methods listed above can help, but you need to test yourself to ensure that your system is clean. Home drug testing device allows you to confirm if your urine is clean. These kits can be gotten at local drug stores or online. If you choose to detox naturally, you can get these drug testing kits to see if your urine is clean.

As time passes, the body tissues release the THC stored in them to the bloodstream. Here the liver metabolizes it. The case is different for heavy weed smokers. THC builds up in your fatty tissues and cannot be eliminated easily. This is why heavy marijuana users may still test positive for THC days after quitting.

Can a heavy weed smoker pass a drug test? Yes, he/she can. However, the person may have to give it some time before going in for the test. Naturally, the weed may clear up on its own in a month or more. If you cannot wait that long, you can opt for the artificial or natural methods of detoxification. Whichever method you choose to use, it is important to remember that they are not magical. You will need to quit for the time being and follow all the guidelines of the manufacturers if you want to test negative for weed.