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Can You Pass a Saliva Drug Test with Listerine?

Lots of people believe that you can pass a saliva drug test with Listerine. Is this method effective? Well, it can work, but there is a lot to consider before using this method. This article will show how you can pass a saliva drug test with Listerine.

Listerine is used to remove extra bacteria or plaque from the mouth. It has also been proven to be effective in helping people pass saliva drug tests. Knowing how drugs are detected during saliva drug tests provides an insight into what to expect when using this method.

listerine saliva test

Saliva Drug Test Method

Saliva samples are taken on-the-go and are now popular for this reason. Many labs prefer the test because it produces an accurate result. If a person takes marijuana, it can be detected within 48 hours. This is both good and bad in a certain way. Mouth swab tests detect drugs only within 2 days so you can rest easy if you took any substance a week ago.

Still, THC is detectable in the mouth within 48 hours and the test can be done at any time to catch you off guard.

A urine test scouts for THC-COOH, a metabolite that the body creates after metabolizing THC. It is detectable in both feces and pee. Saliva tests are different because they look out for delta-9 THC or active THC. The component is responsible for the hallucination that comes with inhaling or eating marijuana.

Is Listerine Effective in Producing a Negative Result?

Many people have used this method to cheat saliva tests. This is because components in the product cannot be detected in the mouth, so it is easy to pass the test since the product doesn’t give your plan away.

However, for this product to work, there are a couple of things to do. You need Listerine mouthwash and breathe strips, as well as water. Note that it may take time as well.

The first stage is stopping any sort of intake of drugs for 48 hours. As you know, saliva tests can still spot drugs taken within 48 hours. So if you want it to be effective then you need to let go of drugs within that timeframe.

The next step here is drinking and eating enough food to keep your mouth moisturized. This helps eliminate saturated saliva in the mouth. Don’t do anything other than the ordinary. Maintain your routine but stay away from drugs.

To ensure that the process works, it is recommended that you eat food that helps you to salivate more such as apples, carrots, cheese, celery, and cucumbers. Some other spicy foods come in handy here like cayenne pepper, ginger, and cardamom. As you search for foods to make you salivate, you need to avoid certain foods like sugary desserts, salt nuts, dry crackers, and popcorn.

After eating these foods, the next stage is teeth brushing. You need to brush thoroughly. Brush the teeth, gums as well as tongue properly. You are allowed to go crazy with this step. Brush more than three times a day if necessary. This helps remove all traces of the drug in your mouth. Each time you brush, do it for at least two minutes.

Ensure that all the parts of the mouth have equal attention. Clean the gums, and teeth properly and do not forget to clean the bottom, sides, and top of the mouth. Then use Listerine when you are done brushing. Dental floss may also come in handy. Be sure to use it as well because it removes THC molecules that are left behind when you’re done brushing.

During the day of the test, you need to put more effort into getting rid of the THC molecules. When you finish brushing, swish some Listerine a couple of times before leaving home. As you do this, allow the mouthwash to absorb the THC in your mouth before spitting it out. A few seconds to one minute is ideal.

Don’t forget that Listerine stings if you leave it in for too long. You have to toughen up to be able to pass the drug test.

Apply two Listerine strips in your cheeks. Before you reach the venue of the test, take some water and apply two strips of Listerine in your cheeks. Let them dissolve for some time and place another strip under your tongue. This is done to absorb the remaining THC molecules that are left behind after swishing or brushing.

The strips are important, but if you do not have any, you can buy some candy. You can also find it easily in local drug stores.

Before you enter the lab, swish Listerine again before giving out the sample. This should be done at least thirty minutes before the sample is collected. After swishing, rinse your mouth with water. When you’re done, add two more strips. Rub them again for the last time before giving out the sample to the lab tester.

Is This Process Scientifically Backed?

So far, there is no research to prove the effectiveness of the method. However, some people who have used the method successfully have explained how it works. Lots of people have testified that it is effective in getting rid of THC molecules as it removes toxins from the mouth.

Some people also believe that this component destroys all the THC molecules completely due to its bacteria-killing role. This makes it untraceable in the mouth. Others believe that the real power resides in the ingredients including eucalyptol, methyl, menthol, and salicylate. These ingredients help you to pass the test since they interfere with the testing process and produce false negative result.


While it is true that Listerine can be used to pass a saliva drug test, there is a lot to be considered before using this method. It is a cheap method that involves just Listerine, water and strips. You can also substitute strips for candy where it is unavailable.

This method, however, requires several days to prepare, and is therefore useless if you have a sudden test, which leaves you only minutes, not days, for preparation. In this case, we recommend using an effective detox mouthwash such as Ultra Wash Toxin-Cleansing Mouthwash, which allows you to cleanse your mouth of toxins within 15 minutes.