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Detox Drinks For Drug Test

Whether you’re just a beginner or a longtime weed smoker, chances are that at some point, you’ll fall a victim of a dreadful drug test. Whether you’re an investor, a Walmart employer or a professional athlete, one common qualification is definitely passing a drug test.

Although cannabis is making long strides towards being legalized in most states in the United States and Canada, upright executives have been handed the freedom to refuse or terminate a contract to any employee who fails to pass a scheduled THC drug test.

Now, in recent studies, cannabis has been discovered to be significantly less dangerous as compared to Cocaine and Heroin and much safer as compared to Alcohol and Tobacco. Due to this reason, a majority of American Companies have found it difficult to test their employees as its getting increasingly impossible to find pure subjects who are able to pass these drug tests.

Luckily, for most occasional cannabis smokers or those who consume marijuana to treat certain chronic illnesses, a successful alternative to beat the dreaded piss test has been discovered which is by taking detox drinks.

  1. What are detox drinks?
  2. Why take detox drinks?
  3. Ingredients
  4. How do detox drinks cleanse the body?
  5. Do detox drinks really work to pass a drug test?
  6. Who should use detox drinks?
  7. Can labs detect detox drinks?
  8. Why should you use for drug test only special detox drinks?
  9. The best time to use detox drinks
  10. How to use detox drinks
  11. Detox drinks that work

detox drinks for drug test

What are detox drinks?

For those of you who might not have come cross detox drinks, these are simply beverages that are consumed for the purpose of cleansing the body of various toxins. To make them functional, detox drinks consist of a combination of various fruits, legumes, herbs, seeds and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, fibers, minerals and antioxidants.

When it comes to drug tests, detox drinks are required to be consumed hours before a scheduled drug test to eliminate traces of these drugs such as THC, cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates and narcotic drugs.

Why take detox drinks?

Now, as you all know, the majority of the companies have been given the freedom to conduct annual or frequent drug tests to ensure that their employees are always on course and are not using any illicit substances.

If we can get to marijuana just a bit, you’ll discover that unlike other hard drugs, cannabis takes a longer time in the body before it’s entirely flushed out. This is due to the chemical THC that’s responsible for the euphoric high you usually experience after ingesting marijuana.

Now, the reason why THC takes longer in the body is due to its fat soluble characteristic that allows it to settle in the fat tissues in various parts of the body. Once it settles, THC is later released by various organs little by little making it traceable for a longer time during drug tests.

Now, imagine there’s THC in your system with a scheduled test being a week away? Obviously you’ll find a way of detoxifying the body to mask the THC in your system right? This is where detox drinks come in.


There are two main reasons why most people take detox drinks. The first reason is to detoxify the body to achieve a healthy lifestyle while the second reason is to eliminate drug metabolites from the body to pass a scheduled urine drug test.

Now, if your main reason is to pass a drug test, you need to be very careful when choosing a detox drink. Remember, detox drinks work like diuretics where they trigger the body to urinate more frequently. Although you may pass a urine drug test, your urine will appear pale and diluted raising a red flag and suspicion for potential cheating.

Due to this reason, most manufacturers have discovered functional ingredients which when added to a detox drink will not only mask drug metabolites but will also erase any potential suspicion to your urine through retaining its looks and composition.

Therefore, to pass a THC drug test without worrying about anything, here are some of the major key ingredients that have been combined to guarantee effective cleansing of your body.

  • B Vitamins (B2 and B12): these are responsible for the yellow color in your urine to make it appear natural.
  • Creatine: this ingredient is used to raise creatinine levels in your urine to avoid raising any suspicion.
  • Dandelion: a natural diuretic responsible for speeding up urination.
  • Guarana seed: an effective stimulant responsible for raising your energy and boosting urine flow.
  • Milk thistle: an antioxidant responsible for detoxifying the liver.
  • Echinacea purpurea leaf: works by stimulating the immune system to flush out toxins from the body.

Apart from these key ingredients, there are supportive ingredients which include; potassium, Thiamine, Turmeric Root, Peppermint, Green Tea, Citric Acid, Papain and Bromelain among others.

How do detox drinks cleanse the body?

Some people call it a myth while others say it’s too good to be true. But, the science behind detox drinks and how they aid in detoxifying the body off THC concentrates have proven to be something serious and worth falling for. Now, besides using detox drinks, there are two major methods you can use to pass a urine drug test—faking your own urine or masking your urine through diluting it.

Although these two methods “might” help you dodge a urine test by just a whisker, clever labs will definitely detect you leading to a possible suspension. This is where detox drinks now come in.

Lets first start with THC: Now, THC is a fat soluble chemical substance that’s absorbed in the fatty tissues of your body. For this reason, THC takes the longest time in the body as it’s released slowly by slowly into your urine. Due to this reason, passing a marijuana drug test will definitely be difficult.

With this knowledge in mind, most detox drinks manufacturers have opted to introduce special and more powerful detox drinks that come with a combination of functional ingredients to help flush out THC from your system while restoring your urine’s looks and composition.

If you look at diuretics, what they do is simply to flush out THC and its metabolites from the body without restoring the normal color of your urine as well as its composition. For the case of detox drinks, through the added advantage of functional ingredients such as Vitamins, Creatine and Minerals, your body will not only flush out THC, but your urine will also be restored to normalcy making it impossible for the labs to detect anything.

Do detox drinks really work to pass a drug test?

To give you a simple answer to this burning question—YES detox drinks actually work! However, you should follow instructions and manage time carefully. Moreover, if you’re an addict of marijuana, you need to refrain from smoking for a certain period of time to give the detox drinks some time to flush out THC. Finally, detox drinks ONLY work with urine tests and not blood, saliva or hair follicle drug tests.

Who should use detox drinks?

As a matter of fact, smoking a blunt or two of marijuana is everyone’s right. In fact, most states both in the U.S.A and Canada have legalized marijuana due to its vast medicinal and recreational use. Now, despite this solid fact, most companies and multinationals are still pushing for the ritual of performing a drug test to their interviewees to ensure they’re clean and credible before being offered critical jobs.

Now, if you’re an occasional weed smoker, the only way to land your dream job is definitely to bow down to the rules through finding effective means of passing a scheduled drug test. Due to this reason, the only means of landing your dream job is definitely by taking detox drinks to flush out THC and its metabolites from your system.

Apart from just flushing out THC from your body, detox drinks are highly essential to those weed smokers looking forward to quitting smoking as they help to calm down effects caused by the withdrawal symptoms. Finally, detox drinks provide an effective way of detoxifying the body to get rid of toxins to improve your overall health and wellness.

Can labs detect detox drinks?

The best thing about detox drinks is that they can’t be detected by the labs. Unlike diuretics, detox drinks leaves no traces behind whether it’s THC and its concentrates or any potential suspicions. Now, drug tests don’t search for detox drinks but rather they look for presence of THC and its metabolites in your urine samples as well as any attempt to fake or dilute your urine.

When preparing for a scheduled urine drug test, always follow the instructions pretty well such as drinking the right amount and giving the content enough time to work. Finally, to avoid failing a test, try to abstain from smoking weed for a certain duration of time.

Why should you use for drug test only special detox drinks?

The name detox drinks is wide and very extensive. There are so many types of detox drinks available most of which are used to detoxify or rather cleanse the body to achieve a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to detox drinks for flushing out THC, things get a little bit complex here.

To flush out THC from the body while still restoring your urine’s color and composition, you definitely require special detox drinks. These drinks consist of special ingredients which make them active such as Vitamins, minerals, Creatine, Dandelion, Guarana seed and Milk Thistle among others.

Through following the instructions (such as taking the detox drink 2 hours before a scheduled test), you’ll automatically pass the test with flying colors regardless of how long you’ve been smoking marijuana.

The best time to use detox drinks

Detox drinks vary depending on how much time you’ve got prior to a potential drug testing session. The most effective drug testing method is where you’re required to take a detox drink anywhere from 3 to 4 days before the test.

With such a long time frame, the detox drink will have enough time to entirely flush out THC and its metabolites from your body via urine.

What if the test came as a surprise? In such a situation, the only way forward is to execute plan B which encompasses taking a speedy detox drink to eliminate traces of THC from your urine for up to 6 hours. Unlike the first method which is usually permanent, this technique is usually temporary and works for just a few hours.

How to use detox drinks

Given this information, I know the next question you’re preparing to ask is how to take a detox drink. Now, to pass a scheduled drug test, you should keep in mind the time factor. This is because detox drinks are time sensitive and only effective for a very short time after which their effectiveness decreases significantly.

To pass a scheduled urine drug test with flying colors, here are some factors you need to keep in mind;

  • First, stay away from marijuana and other illegal substances for at least 2 days prior to the test.
  • Take your marijuana detox drink alongside a decent amount of water at least an hour or two before the test.
  • After 20 or so minutes, refill the detox bottle with water and drink again.
  • Make sure that your urine twice or thrice before submitting your sample.

Finally, to pass a urine drug test, you need to read the instructions on your detox bottle carefully to avoid messing up. Always remember to drink a lot of water to urinate more. This aids in eliminating contaminated urine and replacing it with fresh, clean and uncompromised urine. Unlike, diuretics, detox drinks contain vitamins, creatine and other functional ingredients that work together to restore the appearance of your urine as well as its natural composition.

Detox drinks that work

After offering you vast information regarding detox drinks for drug test, we will now finalize our research by recommending two detox drinks that we believe will work perfectly for you.

Herbal Clean QCarbo Plus with Booster

Targeted for frequent drug users, Herbal Clean QCarbo Plus with Booster is a detox drink that provides a perfect way of passing a urine test with flying colors. To pass the urinalysis test, consume about 20 ounce of water (in an empty stomach) an hour or two before the test.

After about 20 minutes, drink the entire detox content in your QCarbo bottle. Wait for another 20 minutes to drink another 20 ounce of water. Make sure that you urinate several times before submitting your sample.

Fast Marijuana Detox Kit

Another reliable method that will eliminate THC and its metabolites from your urine is using a Fast Marijuana Detox Kit. Intended for both heavyweight and excessive marijuana users, this detox kit comes with an entire package that will eliminate all traces of THC without any guesswork.

It comes with one 20oz bottle of QCarbo Plus Detox Drink, one pack of chewable QCarbo supplements and one home THC test device. Now, for effective results, simply drink 20oz of water 2 hours before the test. After 20 minutes, shake the content in the bottle carefully then consume it all. Wait for another 20 minutes then refill the bottle with water and drink the content.

Urinate several times then test yourself with the available home testing kit. In case the results are positive, execute plan B immediately. Here, you’ll need to chew the available QCarbo supplements then drink 30 ounce of water. Wait for an hour to urinate several times before submitting your test results.