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Does Cupping Therapy Help with Marijuana Detox?

Cupping therapy, which is quite popular with athletes, is believed to have several health benefits, including detoxification. This raises questions among marijuana smokers about its THC cleansing properties. Does cupping therapy help you detox for a drug test?

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cupping therapy for marijuana detox

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy is an old form of alternative medicine that helps remove toxins from organs and tissues in the body. It is sometimes called hijama cupping, vacuum cupping, or horn treatment. The therapy involves placing special cups on the patient’s skin to create suction. The tissues beneath the cup begin to swell and cause an increase in blood flow to the area. Toxins and impurities are removed by increased blood flow from nearby organs and tissues to the surface, where they are eliminated.

The Difference between Dry Cupping and Wet Cupping

This therapy is carried out by heating special cups over a fire and then applying them upside down to the skin. Sometimes it involves burning flammable materials such as herbs or paper. When the cup cools, it creates a vacuum that raises the skin up to fill the cup slightly.

The difference between wet and dry cupping is that the wet cupping involves puncturing the skin before placing the cup to draw blood out of the suction area.

What Are the Benefits?

Cupping therapy has several benefits. They are as follows:

Improved blood circulation

Suction from the cup increases blood flow to the place where it is located. This promotes cell repair, relieves muscle tension, and reduces cellulite.

Release of toxins

Cupping encourages your tissues to release toxins. Usually, the human body is able to remove unwanted substances on its own, but the modern lifestyle overloads us with toxins. Cupping increases your system's ability to detoxify by focused blood flow, which allows accumulated toxins to be flushed out through the lymphatic system.

Anxiety management

Cupping can also help reduce anxiety. When the cup slides over your skin, the nervous system starts working, slows the heart rate, and provides deep relaxation for the whole body.

Improved digestion

The parasympathetic nervous system also assists digestive system, and increases activity in the intestines. Abdomen cupping stimulates peristalsis, clears colon blockages, and relieves indigestion.

Reduction of scars and stretch marks

Increased blood flow restores lymphatic circulation and removes edema, which leads to a reduction of body scars. Also, cupping therapy can impact the appearance of stretch marks. Even if the area where the cups are placed is far from the stretch marks, it can still have an effect.

Reduction of spider veins and varicose veins

Cupping therapy helps the veins work by bringing oxygen and fresh blood to the problematic areas.

How Cupping Therapy Affects Detox from Weed

Detoxification helps cleanse your body of all the impurities that present in the system, including THC metabolites. Toxins are removed through different organs such as kidneys, liver, and skin. Cupping therapy speeds up marijuana detox process by focusing the blood flow, which flushes out all unwanted substances. The lymphatic system ensures the passage of toxins as it is responsible for removing waste from your system.

Does Cupping Help Pass a Drug Test?

Neither dry nor wet cupping are a guaranteed way to pass a drug test. While they can help the marijuana detox process, they may not be enough to reduce THC levels below the 50 ng/mL, which is a cut-off threshold required in standard urine test, especially if you need clean sample on short notice. It is safer to use other methods to detox for a drug test.

What Is the Best Way to Detox for a Drug Test?

Marijuana detox kits are the only way to pass a drug test for sure. These include a detox drink, cleansing tablets, and a home test kit to help you cleanse your body in a matter of hours and test your urine before you send it to the lab to make sure the result is negative. It is a reliable method, even for regulars marijuana users.