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Does Pickle Juice Help Pass a Drug Test?

Many companies routinely test their employees for drugs in urine, so you might want to know how to protect your privacy. Some people say that pickle juice can help to get negative result because they have used it in the past successfully. But does it really work these days? This article will highlight the usage and efficiency of pickle juice for passing a urine drug test.

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pickle juice for drug test

The Chemical Properties of Pickle Juice

Just like vinegar, pickle juice generally has acidic content and this is why some people say that drinking it can help pass a drug test. The main component of the drink is acetic acid, which is believed to neutralize THC metabolites and make it more difficult for a lab to detect them.

How This Method Works

While pickle juice may be useful for THC detox, it may not work in a single day. You should start cleansing your body one week before your drug test.

Drink 1.5 oz (50 ml) of pickle juice twice a day. The taste is generally unpleasant, so prepare for that. There is also a chance of vomiting or diarrhea for some people depending on their digestive system.

Note that you may be extra thirsty after taking the juice because it contains salt, so  you need to drink lots of water.  Water also helps urinate a lot to remove the THC from your system.

Side Effects

While pickle juice is considered safe to drink, it can carry health risks if consumed in excess. Possible side effects with daily use are listed below:

  • High blood pressure: water retention caused by consuming the excessive amounts of salt can increase blood pressure.
  • Indigestion: drinking a lot of pickle juice can lead to excess flatulence, and stomach pain.
  • Hypernatremia: this is a high level of sodium in the blood, which may cause muscle twitching and spasms.
  • Kidney problems: filtering out salt to maintain normal water balance increases workload on kidneys, which may be dangerous for people with kidney disease.

Given the aforementioned risks, pickle juice cannot be recommended to everyone.

Does It Help You Pass a Drug Test?

Several years ago, when there were no technological advancements, a lot of home remedies were used for passing a drug test, but the drug testing process is more complicated today. Some people claim that pickle juice works, but it does not always guarantee the desired result.

For each success in using pickle juice, there is a high chance of urine dilution caused by drinking too much water and frequent urination. Dilution not only reduces the level of THC in your urine, but makes it pale also, which may alert laboratory personnel to retest the sample because it appears abnormal.

It is better to use a more efficient methods of THC detox before the drug test than to risk your job.

Adding Pickle Juice to a Urine Sample

This method is also sometimes used to pass a drug test. As stated earlier, pickle juice is acidic, whereas healthy urine is usually alkaline. Adding a small amount of pickle juice will change the pH of urine sample making it more acidic, which will slow down the antigen-antibody reaction. This reaction is used in standard urine testing to detect drug metabolites and slowing it down will help produce false-negative result.

In practice, this method is not effective, because abnormal pH is an indicator of the sample adulteration. Labs test all samples for adulteration, so we don't recommend this method.

Bottom line

While pickle juice may have worked for some people as they claim, it is not advisable to use it. This method makes your sample diluted, which may result in sample rejection and reporting of attempted deception. Instead, it is advisable to use a marijuana detox kit that is guaranteed to help you pass a drug test. This kit will give you a natural-looking urine with THC levels below the test threshold. It also comes with a drug test strip to monitor the effectiveness of your detoxification at home.