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Does Sweating Help Detox from Weed?

Among the many different methods of detoxification from marijuana, sweating stands out for its controversy. Many experts suggest sweating out the THC, but scientists are mostly skeptical. Let's try to figure out how effective this method is.

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sweating for weed detox

Does Sweat Contain Toxins?

The main purpose of sweating is cooling down your body through evaporation, not cleansing it of toxins. The secretions of the eccrine sweat glands, which cover most of the body, are 99% water and only 1% small amounts of carbohydrates, urea, and salts, which are produced in the body as a result of the vital activity.

There are also apocrine sweat glands in the groin and axillary regions, which secrete some fats. These fats are broken down by skin bacteria and give off the well-known sweat odor that comes with heat or intense workouts. Although apocrine sweat glands are not designed to remove unwanted substances from the body, their secretions can contain small amounts of toxins.

Can You Sweat Toxins out of Your Body?

Most of the harmful substances are removed from the body through the liver and kidneys, but there is a limit to their performance. Sometimes they are overloaded, so when the amount of toxins in the body exceeds their excretion ability, it has to use additional resources. At this point, the sweat glands are also connected to work. Not only can you absorb toxic materials through your skin, but under certain circumstances, you can also remove them through it.

Numerous scientific studies have proven that the sweat produced after visiting a sauna or exercising may contain heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, lead, and cadmium. Moreover, bisphenol A (a dangerous chemical found in plastics) and fat-soluble toxins (such as THC) can also be found in sweat.

On the other hand, the amount of toxins excreted through sweat is very small, which means that such a detox will not improve your health in any way. If you are poisoned by heavy metals or other dangerous substances, sweating will not help. In such cases, you must consult a doctor and follow his or her instructions to cleanse your body. In milder cases, our liver and kidneys are able to cleanse our body enough for it to function properly.

What Are the Levels of Harmful Substances in Sweat?

The levels of toxins in sweat are so low that they have little to no effect on detoxification. They typically make up about 0.02% of the pollutants that enter your body on a daily basis. Even with increased sweating during intense physical activity, this figure reaches only 0.04% of your average daily toxins intake. These data show that sweating alone is clearly not enough to cleanse your body of even those harmful substances that enter it under normal conditions during the day, not to mention the increased exposure to toxins.

THC in Sweat

Just like other toxins, THC is excreted in sweat in detectable amounts. There are even sweat patch tests that indicate traces of marijuana in your body. Using the gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method, Δ-9-THC (the primary psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant) can be detected in sweat samples. This method, however, does not show the presence of secondary THC metabolites in sweat, such as THC-COOH, which are produced in the body after marijuana use.

This means that not all of the THC leaves your body with sweat. You can use sweating as a support for other detox methods, but on its own, it is not sufficient to get rid of all traces of marijuana from your body.

Ways to Detox from Weed

There are far more effective ways to get rid of THC than sweating.

The first and most important of these is to drink plenty of water. Water helps you urinate more, thus flushing out toxins from your system. You can also take diuretics to help the process.

Another important point is to eat healthy foods that are high in fiber, which helps with bowel movements.

But if you're looking for the fastest, most reliable way to detox, you should try Fast Marijuana Detox Kit. It contains a detox drink and cleansing tablets that effectively remove THC from your body, as well as a self-test to confirm the result at home.