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Does Synthetic Urine Really Work For Drug Test?

When it comes to passing a drug test, people use various tricks to guarantee the success, and since you are here reading this article, you’ve probably heard about synthetic urine and now you want to know does it really work. Yes, it does work, and if you read further, you will know why it works and how to make it work.

Can labs detect synthetic urine?

The main question here is “are labs able to detect it?”. According to the representative of Workforce Occupational Health, that conducts workplace drug tests, the main problem the industry faces is connected with an ongoing confrontation with the manufacturers of the synthetic urine including the so-called “street chemists”. They constantly modify the structure of their products, leaving behind laboratory chemists in the ability to detect them. While lab workers develop different approaches in synthetic urine detection, manufacturers design new formulas and are always one step ahead, so the molecular structure of fake pee is nowadays nearly identical to the human one, giving drug users ability to fool the system.

does synthetic urine work for drug test

Another obstacle, that prevents laboratory workers to detect the urine substitution is that in most cases collectors are not allowed to supervise the process of the sample delivery. Usually they only listen and try to hear something unusual. That’s why synthetic urine still works and drug users are able to pass the drug test with it.

What you should know to pass drug test with synthetic urine

Nevertheless, there are few important things you must know to not get caught:

  • Labs now test urine samples for uric acid. So, if your synthetic urine doesn’t contain it, it may not work and you will fail the drug test.
  • The temperature of the sample must be between 95°F and 100°F (36-37°C) - this is a normal temperature of human urine. Quality products must include a heating pad for warming up, and a temperature test strip. Check if the product has these two before purchase!
  • It is recommended to microwave specimen to achieve the required temperature, however, if microwaving is impossible, you can use heat pad or even your body heat for warming up the synthetic urine. You will also need to make sure that it is within needed temperature range before sending it to test.
  • It is important to know if the collector is supervising you during the sample collection procedure. It can be very hard to replace the sample with a fake urine, when someone is watching you, so those who are tested often use various special tools like rubber tubes, bladder belts, Whizzinators etc. These are really helpful to fool the supervisors.
  • And the last, but not the least: always buy synthetic urine from the reliable sellers, as this guarantees that you get the high-quality product with the latest undetectable formula and avoid counterfeits that sometimes appear on the market.

It is also essential to note, that there are two types of synthetic urine available: powdered (also called dehydrated) and liquid. Both are effective, however the liquid one is considered better choice, because the powdered synthetic urine requires mixing with water before use, what can bring additional unnecessary difficulties.

Why you need it?

Everybody has right to relax and everybody has right to privacy - that is why a lot of different ways to pass drug test appear. Even if you like to burn rope from time to time and you are not a regular user, yet you still can be caught unawares by a sudden drug test, and no matter if it was your first joint, none will consider that fact. Not to mention the chance to fail it from the second hand smoke and false-positive result possibility. That is why you are looking for the way to guarantee yourself a negative result. And in this case, you are recommended to use synthetic urine since it works and it is definitely the best option to pass urine test. But it will only work if you have strictly followed all aforementioned requirements.

You can find thousands of reviews online which state that synthetic urine is the most successful solution for passing a drug test when you are sure that it will come out positive. It is easily available for purchase and the usual price of the bottle is somewhere between $30 and $40 (not to mention the possible sales and discounts), what is quite affordable as compared with the risk to lose or not get a job, right?

Where you can buy?

It is highly recommended to buy it in online stores, because this is the most confidential and easy way. No one will be able to track your purchase and suspect you in odd activities.

Best synthetic urine brand

Right now, the best product on the market is UPass Synthetic Urine from Safeguard Laboratories. It uses the latest formula and completely imitates all physical and chemical characteristics of human urine. So, if you follow all instructions correctly, you won’t be disappointed with the result and easily pass your drug test.

When to use it?

It should be used only when you don’t have any other options. So, if you are sure that it is not possible to make your urine clean on time and you are able to avoid supervision, you can give it a try. In other cases, there are different methods, like detoxification for example.

Other options

Although good quality synthetic urine is undetectable, there are still chances to get caught, for example , if your sample does not have proper temperature. This problem raises the question about other options except synthetic urine. Well, there are few of them.

For example, you may consider using a urine from another person who doesn’t take any drugs for sure. But this does not eliminate the need to control the temperature of your sample, not to mention the fact that this is an awkward and unhygienic way.

Getting drugs out of your system through detoxification is another method, but thorough study of this question leads to the conclusion, that substituting sample with a fake pee is the second best option to pass drug test after not using drugs at all. It is well known fact that diuretics and other detox products take time to work and may be inefficient in some cases, for example in sudden tests. That is why it is better to adhere to the trusted solution. You should remember that after a failed drug test you won’t have a second chance. So, the high-quality synthetic urine is definitely the best solution available when you are not sure of your upcoming test result. When used properly, it does work with urine drug test and helps to protect your privacy and conceal the traces of any drug in your body.