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Failed Drug Test In Mayweather – Pacquiao Fight Costs More Than $5 Million

Drug testing was a biggest problem over the long time in connecting probably the best fighters of current generation, but recently U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) confirmed that both of them finally agreed to rules of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). According to agreement USADA will collect the samples and send them to WADA laboratory for analysis, which will include testing for erythropoietin and human growth hormone.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao

As chief executive officer of USADA Travis Tygart said, this was a very powerful declaration of the importance of clean and honest contest to have them agree of their own will to undergo a WADA anti-doping test before and after this fight, so we have to praise them for their support of fair competition and message to other athletes who aspire to compete honestly at the top levels in all sports.

The winner of five-division world titles US boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr, who is also famous for his good business acumen, wanted to meet Filipino fighter Manny Pacquiao in 2010, but negotiations were suspended after his demand of random drug test. The welterweight fight between the unbeaten Mayweather and the only eight-division world champion in 4 different weight classes Pacquiao is supposed to be the most profitable ever in world boxing, but had been delayed for a number of years over the demand of US part to conduct the drug tests . The attacking Pacquiao as well as defensive Mayweather have got the rules and conditions of the USADA anti-doping program and passed all necessary procedures to prepare for both pre and in-competition testing.

Just about week after that Mayweather rejected Pacquiao's offer of a $5,000,000 fine for failing a drug test before or after their mega fight. Pacquiao proposed the contract that had to force both the Filipino and American fighters to pay the additional money in case of positive test result. As the Pacquiao's adviser said, it was very simple proposal, which meant that his client must have been pay to Mayweather, while Mayweather must have been pay to Pacquiao in case of failed drug test. The offer was sent to Mayweather's lawyers but eventually was not included in the official term sheet of the fight, which required complete drug testing to be performed by the USADA. Surprisingly Pacquiao's attorney was informed by Mayweather's agent that the deal was refused by their party. In their message American side reminded that Pacquiao was the first to refuse to undergo the drug test back in 2009 and even submitted a lawsuit against Mayweather claiming that he had defamed him when suggesting Filippino fighter was using performance-enhancing drugs.
When the famous promoter Bob Arum, who is working for Pacquiao now, was asked about this case, he stated that he understands why Mayweather rejected the deal – according to current contract, if one side fails drug test the others might be able to charge far more than $5 million.

The upcoming event will be the most profitable boxing fight of all times, which can give about 3 million pay-per-view sales. The earnings will be split 60-40 for current champion Mayweather, who will make about $120,000,000.