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Fake Urine

What is fake urine for?

Fake urine also known as synthetic urine has been around for a long time. It was first obtained in 1828 by Wo Hler. It has had many uses over the years but it is used today in laboratories to find fake urine while testing and also used by several people to cheat their way through a drug test. It is so easy to get on the internet and buy the fake stuff to cheat your way through. Many laboratories, on the other hand, use the fake stuff to compare and find those who are cheating their way through. So it is not always as effective as one would like.

In the 1950s, fake or synthetic urine was used as a therapeautic agent in dermatology. In 2005 it was found illegal for someone to sell human urine or sell the fake stuff within certain states. Today, people use the fake stuff to pass drug tests all the time. Several retailers are selling it to help people in the work place beat a drug test. Many people feel that drug testing violates their rights, so companies are beginning to sell the synthetic version so that they won’t have their privacy invaded.


Fake urine was originally used for things other than drug testing. It was used for things before our country, and others, had severe drug problems. It is great that our laboratories have the synthetic urine to use for medical discoveries and for finding people who do cheat their drug test. Sadly, it is most common for people trying to hide drugs in their system and it is easy for them to obtain. If you go on the internet and type it in, you will come up with thousands of results for companies selling it.

This type of urine can come in either powder or liquid form and it can block traces of nicotine, marijuana, THC, and even pregnancy. It has all of the specimens that are in natural urine and has the perfect amount of protein. Because it is so close to natural urine, it is a little scary to know it is out there for all to use. Fake urine has been used for many great things over the years, and now we are using it to protect privacy or block any drugs we may have used. Depending on which you are doing, it can be good or bad.