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Hair Drug Test

Employers want to make sure their employees are drug free. In the past, many employers have required their employees to take urine drug test to detect the presence of illegal substances in their system. But, this is no longer the most effective solution. More and more employers are turning to a far more effective form of drug testing called hair follicle drug testing.

What Is A Hair Drug Test?

A hair follicle drug test is a drug test that analyses a strand of your hair to determine if you have taken any illegal substances in the recent past. In reality, hair tests have been used in everything from criminal cases to match a criminal to the evidence, and in general health analysis as well - using hair follicles for drug testing is a relatively new development.

Where It Is Used?

While many people think urine test is the only way employers test their employees for drugs, hair tests are actually becoming a lot more popular. This could be for many reasons. First, hair drug tests are not invasive - it is a lot easier to take a strand of someone's hair instead of having them produce a urine sample. Also, hair tests are very cost effective, and large quantities of samples can be processed in a very short period of time. Hair drug tests are becoming more common in the court systems around the world, but there is still some apprehension about them.

Testing Process

The hair follicle drug testing process takes place as follows - multiple hair specimens are taken from the drug test candidate. They are simple to remove and cause no pain. The hair specimens are then labeled, recorded, and sent away to the laboratory for analysis. When the hair sample gets to the laboratory, it can go through any number of specific processes to determine what compounds are actually present in the hair. More often than not, radioactive chemicals are used to determine substance presence based on specific reactions. Much like other forms of drug testing, if one sample tests positive, a second sample is analyzed to confirm the findings.

What It Can Detect?

A hair drug test can detect almost any substance known to man. This is one of the reasons why hair drug tests are becoming more common everyday - as long as you have taken something within the last three months, there is a very good chance that it will be detected by a hair drug test. If doctors can determine what your diet has been like through a hair follicle test, you can be sure they can detect if you have smoked weed or taken any drugs in the recent past. The million dollar question many people have is, "How far back can a hair drug test actually detect drug usage?" The answer to this varies greatly, but if you have taken a substance in any concentration within the last 90 days, it is almost guaranteed to show up in a hair drug test. There have even been cases where substances that have been taken over 6 months in the past have been detected by a hair drug test.

How Can You Prepare For A Hair Drug Test?

Sadly, hair drug tests are the one kind of drug test that is very hard to prepare for. To understand why this is true, we have to look at the principles behind your hair. Most people don't know this, but your hair actually contains a lot of information about you. Even through using relatively simple analysis techniques, a doctors can determine your overall health, what your diet is like, and what medical compounds you have been taking recently. In simple terms, think of your hair as a diary to your daily life - it tells people almost everything they need to know about you. Add this to the fact that most hair drug tests can detect drug usage up to and sometimes even over 90 days after the last time you have taken the substance. Since a hair drug test is not invasive and very quick, a sample can usually be taken at a moments notice. Employers don't "ambush" employees with a hair follicle test, but it sure feels like it. The only real option that may work is if you shave your head so they can't take a sample - but there is a good chance they will find a way to determine if you have been using drugs anyways.

But if you have enough time before test you can try our bestseller ZYDOT Ultra Clean Shampoo and Conditioner - a purifying remedy that removes all toxins from your hair. But you have to remember that every human body is individual and nobody can guarantee that this remedy will help to everyone. It may be a good idea to buy it with Home Hair Test Kit and after using a shampoo take a few hair samples and send them away to have them tested on your own just to know if it helps for you so that you will not be surprised by the results of your drug test. While there are no reliable home hair drug test kits (you need specialized equipment to get the results) you can mail away a few strands of hair and have them analyzed at a lab - it is very cost effective. If you are selected to provide a hair follicle for drug testing, there is usually very little you can do. This is one of the reasons why hair drug testing is becoming so common in many situations - it is very accurate, relatively fool proof and very cost effective. The best thing you can do is to order some of the Home Hair Drug Test Kits that are available, have your hair analyzed beforehand and hope for the best. Contrary to what some people may say, you can not use a drug detox product to mask detection - that may be somewhat effective for urine drug test, but it is not the same for hair drug tests.

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