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Home Drug Tests

General Information

With so many illegal substances made available to both adults and teens alike, the need for a home drug tests is stressed. The danger of drug addiction can become even worse for teenagers because they are more prone to experimenting with new things and experiences. For parents who usually see signs of drug use in their teenage children, a home drug tests are heaven sent. Employed adults can also take advantage of a home drug tests because they need to pass a drug testing for employment purposes.

Home drug tests has come a long way since they were legally approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1997. Now, it is available almost anywhere, from online stores, convenient stores, to grocery shops. There are many types of home drug tests available for purchase. These drug tests and testing kits detect the presence of drugs using saliva, urine, sweat or hair follicles of the person:

  1. Urine test - of the four types of testing kits, this is the most popular and commonly used because of its accurateness. It is relatively easy to use and you can actually get the results in just a few minutes. Depending on the brand, the test can detect up to ten different kinds of drugs within a person’s system. On the other hand, it also has its downsides. For one, urine drug tests can be easily contaminated and its effectiveness usually wears out through time. When conducting a urine test at home, a pH strip or a collecting cup is used. Some urine test kits have become so sophisticated that it even measures the temperature of the urine sample to test if it is current.
  2. Hair follicle test – it is said that even if it’s been a while since the person last used illegal substances, the drug residues in the hair follicles are still present and it will show in tests using this sample. The samples collected will have to be sent to a laboratory and a waiting period of 90 or more days is required. Although this is the case, hair follicle drug testing is a most reliable method. Plus, if you want an extensive account of all the substances found in the person’s body, a hair follicle test will give you an in-depth account.
  3. Saliva test – if you want to know if your child or family member has recently taken any illegal substance, this is the best of all home drug tests to use. Unlike urine test, saliva testing can’t be easily contaminated or manipulated and the results are precisely accurate and immediate. It is similar to the urine test because it is affordable and easy to use. As mentioned above, the effectiveness of this drug testing is only good for recent drug use, preferably one or two days. If it elapses more than that, then you should try another method.
  4. Sweat test – this type of home drug test is not as popular as the other methods since it’s considered to be a very invasive procedure. The testing commences by placing a specially made patch to the person for a period of 1 to 2 weeks. The patch is then sent to the laboratory to check the results.

Depending on the home drug test product and its manufacturers, illegal substances like barbiturates, amphetamines, nicotine, opiates, marijuana, cocaine, antidepressants, and more can be detected by any of these methods. A drug test strip can measure several substances based on the number of panels of the test kit; some drug test kits include three, five, ten or up to twelve panels.

Over the years, more and more employers and school administrators have required prospective employees and students to take voluntary drug testing. And so, consumers of home drug tests are divided based on these two categories. The first are individuals who suspect that their child or any other family member is into drugs and wants to make sure that their suspicion is true. Parents who have teenage sons and daughters showing signs of drug use are the primary customers of home drug tests. It affords them the privacy of verifying their suspicion without embarrassing their kids. Plus, it is relatively affordable and easy to use. Another type of consumer is an individual who is fearful of being caught using illegal substances. An employee subject to laboratory testing in the office usually conducts a pre-drug testing at home to ensure that no drug traces are found in the system. According to statistics, more than 50% of employers and business owners in the United States have now made it their practice to conduct drug screening for incoming employees, as well as regular employers.

An individual who returns a positive drug test result is subject to serious punishment. For an employee, he will stand to lose his job or for a student, he is subject to expulsion. Aside from this, you can also be subject to imprisonment depending on state laws. Either way, you stand to lose a lot when you will be tested positive.

How To Choose

Deciding to do a home drug test is the best decision you can take, whether it’s for you or for your child. Choosing the best home drug test kit is equally important as deciding to take the test.

Here are some tips to help you choose a reliable home drug tests:
  • Ask around – the best way to choose an appropriate home drug test kit is to ask some reliable friends or close family members if they have tried and what can they recommend. If you are embarrassed to ask them, you can ask a pharmacist in the drugstore or a sales clerk in a grocery shop where you plan to buy the kit.
  • Drug test type – based on the drug test types discussed above, you have to choose what method you’re going to use. Each of the types above has their own advantages and disadvantages and you should consider this.
  • Standard Federal Drugs of Abuse Screening Levels – if you want maximum efficacy in your home drug tests, make sure that you choose products that meet the Standart FDA Screening Levels. This way you are assured that you can pass the drug test in school or workplace.
  • Affordability – an effective product does not necessarily have to be so expensive, so settle for a fairly priced drug test kit. With the steep competition of home drug tests in the market today, you’ll be sure to get the best value even with a limited budget.

If you want what’s best for yourself or your kids, purchasing a home drug tests is the first step to taking responsibility.

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