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How to Clean Out Your System for a Drug Test

Detoxification helps remove all traces of THC as well as other drugs from the body and pass a drug test. Even though the body usually retains traces of THC for only about a week, it can be challenging for heavy smokers to pass a drug test. You can accelerate the process, however, by using some simple tricks that help eliminate THC metabolites much faster. This article explains how to clean out your system for a drug test in just 24–48 hours.

Detoxification can also be beneficial for people who want to stop smoking weed because they must get rid of the THC residue in their bodies to reduce withdrawal symptoms. You can also use detoxification to start living a healthier lifestyle because it eliminates various harmful toxins that can cause severe ailments. Our digestive system will also benefit from the vitamins and minerals that are found in detox formulas.

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how to clean out your system for a drug test

Do You Need to Be Totally Clean?

It is not necessary to be completely clean from THC to pass a urine drug test. You must not have more than 50 nanograms of marijuana metabolites per milliliter of your urine. This is the minimum concentration required for a positive result. This cutoff level is set by the Department of Health and Human Services that regulates drug tests, and most certified laboratories must follow this standard.

How Does the Body Detoxify Itself?

THC is fat soluble, so most of it is usually stored in the fat cells of the human body, from where it is slowly released over time. Sixty-five percent of the THC is removed from the system with feces, and about twenty percent is removed with urine. The rest is excreted in other ways, for example, through sweat.

How to Clean THC Out of Your System

If you prepare for a drug test and need clean urine as soon as possible, you must flush all toxins from your system.

First, you must avoid smoking marijuana to prevent THC from entering your system.

Next, you need to hydrate and urinate. Drinking an excessive amount of water with diuretics helps clean out your system for a drug test, but this will also noticeably dilute your urine and make it pale. Laboratory staff can reject the sample for being unnatural. If this happens, you will have to give them another sample or even fail the test in some circumstances.

How to Mask Diluted Urine

The yellow color of urine can be restored with B vitamins and some dietary supplements, for example, creatine. They restore the chemical composition as well as the natural color of the urine, but a more convenient solution is available.

Special drinks for drug test detox have all the components required for detoxification, such as herbs, vitamins, and minerals. These drinks help flush toxins from the body without changing the composition and appearance of urine. Marijuana detox drinks help you pass a drug test on short notice without having to buy all these vitamins, diuretics, and dietary supplements separately. These drinks not only clean out your system, but also promote better health and are used by many people just for wellness.

You can also try detox kits, which include enhancing pills and home test devices that let you check your drug level at home. This will confirm the effectiveness of the detox products, and you can be confident when going to the testing facility.

Useful Tips and Tricks

Scientific research has confirmed that signals of EMIT urine assays used in dipstick tests can be decreased by aspirin. Sometimes false negative results can occur, but this is not guaranteed. Nevertheless, taking four 325 mg tablets (or 1.3 g) of aspirin about four to five hours before the drug test will increase your chances of passing it.

Do not send your first morning urine stream for testing because it always has the most toxins. You have to urinate at least twice before giving your sample to the lab, and be sure to fill your test cup with midstream urine.

Some people believe that exercise can help clean out your system and increase your chances of passing a drug test, but this is wrong. Recent studies have shown that exercise releases THC from fat into the urine, which significantly increases chances of detection in a urinalysis. All physical activity should be minimized for several days before a drug test.

Can You Use Home Remedies to Pass a Drug Test

Some people also believe that home remedies are helpful in detoxing or masking THC in urine. Popular remedies include vinegar, niacin, pickle juice, and pectin, but they are not effective, and some of them may even harm you. Home remedies cannot guarantee toxin-free urine, but marijuana detox drinks are definitely a reliable way of passing a drug test that don’t need additional remedies to work.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow the steps below for quickly cleaning out your system for a drug test.

  1. Do not smoke weed at least two days before the test. The longer you can abstain, the better your chances.
  2. Drink at least a gallon of water every day. Drink several glasses at a time. The required amount of water depends on your body mass, but be sure to drink much more than usual.
  3. Urinate often.
  4. Consume a marijuana detox drink a few hours before the test. Doing this will make you urinate more and restore the natural look and composition of your urine. Strictly follow product instructions, and carefully manage your time because the effect is temporary.
  5. Do not send your first morning urine to the lab because it is always most contaminated with toxins. You should urinate at least twice before going to the testing facility.
  6. The cleanest urine is in the middle of the stream. Urinate outside the test cup first, and fill the testing cup with midstream urine.

Products Recommended to Clean Out Your System

The THC detox products shown below are recommended for those who want to clean out their system and pass a drug test. They are made of natural ingredients and guarantee success if instructions are followed properly. Our products have already helped our customers pass thousands of drug tests and will help you test negative as well.

Herbal Clean QCarbo Plus

Herbal Clean QCarbo Plus

The QCarbo20 detox drink enhanced with Super Boost Tabs made by Herbal Clean is a very effective solution for marijuana detox. Its ingredients are fast-acting cleansers that work within one to two hours and remove all toxins from your body. This product was designed for regular smokers of marijuana. Occasional users who may not need such a potent remedy can use the QCarbo16, which does not include the Super Boost Tabs. This product is available in two unique flavors: Cranberry-Raspberry and Strawberry-Mango.

Fast THC Detox Kit

Fast THC Detox Kit

This best-selling detox kit, which is well known for its effectiveness, was made for people who want a guaranteed negative result for a drug test. The Fast Marijuana Detox Kit comes with the Herbal Clean QCarbo20 detox drink, Super Boost Tabs, and a QClean Chewable Detox Supplement. These products work together to boost the detox process. The kit also includes a home urine test device that is intended to make sure the cleansing process is successful and make the user confident before going to a drug testing facility knowing that he is 100% clean. As with detox drinks, we have two options for this product: extra strong, which is made for frequent marijuana users, and regular for occasional smokers.

How to Use THC Detoxification Products Correctly

Marijuana detox pills and drinks have been proven to clean out your system and help you pass a drug test, but it is important to note that these products must be used according to their instructions if you want them to work efficiently. This is required because their effect lasts only several hours until the body naturally gets rid of them. THC detox products work best within two to five hours after they are ingested, so manage your time carefully. Start cleaning out your system no earlier than five and not later than two hours before the drug test.

All products come with detailed instructions that must be followed carefully. Excessive water intake as well as frequent urination are crucial parts of the marijuana detox process because the bladder must be thoroughly cleaned of traces of THC to produce clean urine. All cleansing drinks and pills have minerals and vitamins that restore the natural appearance and properties of urine to avoid suspicion of sample dilution.

Also remember that for best results you have to stay away from weed for at least two days before the drug test and from all other toxins as well because they can produce a false-positive outcome.

Before sending your sample to the lab, test yourself with a home urine testing device to make sure that you have cleaned out your system for a drug test successfully. Doing so will allow you to be confident and calm during and after a sample collection procedure.