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How to Detox from Ammonia

Ammonia is produced in the body as a result of protein breakdown. Your body removes this by-product naturally, but in some cases, it can fail to do so. When ammonia levels rise in the body, it can cause notable changes in metabolism, such as lethargy, confusion, and forgetfulness. In other more severe cases, high levels of ammonia can lead to a coma. There are several ways to detox from ammonia to reduce its levels in the body.

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detox from ammonia

How Is the Body Cleansed?

One crucial function of the liver in the body is to take toxic substances and make them inactive to allow the body to remove them. Normally, if ammonia enters the bloodstream, the liver steps into action and filters it out. If it is combined with some other compounds like carbon, the end result is urea. This urea is pushed back into the bloodstream and remains there until it is transported to the kidneys for excretion.

Every day your body performs cleansing and detoxification processes that help get rid of the naturally occurring metabolic waste as well as environmental toxins. If this process is not done daily, it could lead to a build-up of toxins as well as waste material that can impact cellular health negatively. It also affects our health and DNA integrity.

Some systems and organs that are part of this daily cleansing and detoxification process include the intestinal and digestive tract, bloodstream, liver, kidneys, skin, and lungs.

Steps to Detox from Ammonia

Since there is no technical way to detox from ammonia, the best option is to enhance the natural process with other helpful things. Some things that can help include:

Drinking a Lot of Water

Drinking water is one effective way to detox because it makes you urinate often. When you drink water, you urinate and flush the ammonia out of your system quickly. Experts recommend drinking non-tap and distilled water. It will help ensure that toxins are eliminated from the bloodstream. Water cleans out the intestinal tract and eliminates the toxins from the kidney as well as liver.

If you get tired of drinking water, then try to remain hydrated by taking coconut water. This is a diuretic and it will help you urinate more frequently. In some cases, lemon water can come in handy. Lemon water helps the liver break down a harmful toxin like ammonia. With better liver function, lowering the ammonia levels in the body will be a walk in the park. Citrus fruits like oranges can also help in this regard. So stock up on limes and lemons as well to lower ammonia levels in the body.

Eat Fruits

Some fruits can help quicken the detoxification process. You may need to take high-fiber fruits and vegetables particularly. Some of these fruits and veggies include bananas, apples, grapes, kiwis, carrots, watermelon, broccoli, celery, and cauliflower. For this process to work properly, you need to ensure that the vegetables and fruits are eaten raw. Don’t cook or fry the vegetables or blend the fruits.

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

As your liver starts to detox the body of ammonia, a substance like alcohol can set you back many paces. Alcohol strains the liver and drinking it may even lead to the production of more ammonia in the bloodstream. Also, avoid drugs and tobacco.

If you need to drink something other than water and drinks mentioned above, tea is a great option. Drinking tea is another excellent way to keep your system clean and toxin-free. Green tea may also be the best option in this circumstance because it contains catechins that not only prevent cancer but flush the body to remove harmful toxins. This will go a long way to lighten the workload of the liver and quicken the detoxification and cleansing process.

Avoid Processed Meat and Food

Dairy products and processed food may impair liver function and make it more difficult for it to detox the body from ammonia. Foods with high-fat content can also put an extra burden on your liver.

Also, avoid pesticides and exposure to other chemicals. Ensure that you get your daily dose of vitamin D when the sun comes up. Some amino acids like L-glutamine can also help detoxify ammonia in the blood.