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How to Detox from Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution has captured the spotlight today as research shows that this problem can have adverse effects on the health of residents of the polluted area. Research has linked several respiratory diseases to environmental pollution. Aside from respiratory diseases, environmental pollution has been linked to fatigue, cardiovascular damage, headaches, irritation of the nose, eyes, anxiety, liver, throat, blood and spleen.

Since there is no permanent solution to this problem of pollution now, there are steps you can take to keep yourself healthy. This article will highlight several ways to detox from environmental pollution.

Foods That Help Detox from Environmental Pollution

Studies have revealed that some foods can strengthen the immune system and help the body fight against the effects of pollution. Some iron-rich foods increase the capacity of the lungs to carry oxygen in the blood. In the same vein, vitamin C rich foods such as oranges and lemons increase the immunity of the body. Foods containing magnesium and omega fatty acids also fight pollutants.

To properly fight the negative effects of environmental pollution, here are a few home remedies that can help you keep your lungs in top shape. They include both food and drinks as well.

Grape Juice

This juice is useful in cleaning out a buildup of toxins from the lungs. Also, the fruit’s skin has antioxidant qualities that can reduce inflammation of the lungs. Taking this juice can reduce the severity of asthma in sufferers and even lung cancer. Taking grape juice once daily for a full week can heal your lungs if you live in a polluted region.

Ginger, Lemon, and Peppermint

Lemon is popular for its role in cleansing the system. It works as a diuretic while detoxing the body. Taking lemon water before any other thing in the morning is effective against the effects of environmental pollution. Also, adding some peppermint and ginger helps eliminate toxins and unclog the respiratory tract.

Green Tea

Green tea is a known antioxidant that offers several benefits to the body. Taking one cup of green tea helps to detox your body and cleanses your intestines. It also keeps the digestive system healthy while improving the condition of the lungs. You can take your cup of green tea with lemon, ginger or honey.

Turmeric and Ginger Drink

For a long time, turmeric has been used as a home remedy because of its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous qualities. This spice also has some detox properties. Taking a blend of ginger and turmeric can help remove harmful toxins from the body especially if you live in a polluted region. This drink also protects the organs from damage. Ginger is also used to heal nausea that is often caused by inhalation of excess smoke.

Carrot Juice

Another potent mixture that fights the effects of environmental pollution is carrot juice. Carrots are chock-full of vitamins that keep you healthy as they strengthen your immune system. A glass of carrot juice offers you high levels of vitamins A, K, B, and C as well as beta carotene. This juice also plays a large role in improving the blood's alkalinity. For people living in polluted areas, it can reduce the risk of developing lung cancer.

Other Vitamins Sources

To remain healthy in a polluted environment, you need to keep your vitamin C levels high. The importance of vitamin C to the body cannot be overstated. It is an important antioxidant that circulates through the body. It also works in the cardiovascular system. On reaching the lungs, this vitamin plays the role of protecting it against oxidative damage.

The vitamin isn’t only used for boosting the immune system, but it acts as a cleansing antioxidant. Some rich sources of the vitamin C include citrus, berries, kiwi, leafy greens, green vegetables, and tomatoes. If you can’t get enough of this vitamin from fruits and veggies, you have the option of taking the supplements.

Vitamin C usually comes in 80 mg packs. However, to use it for detoxing, you need to take a higher dosage like 1000 mg to 2000 mg every day. Fruits like kiwi give you around 80 mg dosage when you take one fruit. A cup of black currents split in half can also give the same results. An orange and one cup of berries also give about 80 mg. if you want a higher dosage, you can get a few cups of green veggies and leafy greens all through the day.

Don’t Forget Almonds and Avocados

Avocados are trendy, but this isn’t the reason everyone wants them. They are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and also contain vitamin E. This vitamin plays an important role in the detox systems in the body.

Almonds and avocados are also antioxidants but they stand out from other antioxidants because Vitamin E is a known fat-soluble molecule. This makes it good for preventing damage to the body. It reduces the body's cholesterol and hardened arteries and veins that are known to cause heart attacks.

Vitamin E also offers systemic health benefits such as improving liver function.

Liver Detox Supplements

You can also detox with a liver detox supplement. One such is chlorella which is a green alga. It offers several health benefits despite being small in size.

Chlorella is one of the riches iodine filled foods on the planet. Due to its properties of metal chelating, chlorella as well as some other algae binds metal ion pollutants. It contains some long fibers known as fucans. These fibers latch onto heavy metals and neutralize them with ease. These fucans also play a role in getting rid of the toxic chemicals from the body.

It is an important supplement to add to your food if you want to detox from environmental pollution. You can get your chlorella supplements from a licensed store.

While these juices and fruits can detoxify your system, there is still a lot to be done to keep yourself healthy. You must get enough sleep and exercise regularly. Lead a healthy life by following healthy habits. Keep your home well ventilated and drink lots of water.