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How to Detox from PGR Cannabis

As cannabis growers now tend to use more and more chemicals to increase yields, the so-called PGR weed is becoming widespread. Some people, however, may not know about its existence and how to spot it. This guide will explain everything you need to know about PGR cannabis, dangerous consequences of its use and ways to avoid them.

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PGR weed

What Is PGR Weed?

PGR weed refers to marijuana grown with plant growth regulators. As the name implies, PGRs help manage plant growth, for example control flowering time, fruit ripening, leaf size, etc. Marijuana growers mostly use them to increase the density and weight of the buds, which ultimately increases their earnings.

The most common PGRs are as follows:

  • Paclobutrazol makes flowers denser and tighter, reduces the plant’s ability to produce THC, and affects the development of terpenes as well.
  • Daminozide, on the other hand, slows down the growth of stems and leaves, which helps in maximizing bud yields. Besides, it heavily restricts resin generation, which leads to fewer trichomes and decreased production of all cannabinoids including THC, CBD, and CBN.
  • Chlormequat Chloride is responsible for slowing down the growth of some parts the plants and promoting flowering instead. In addition, it makes leaves and buds looking more uniform.

What Are the Dangers of PGR?

Due to the lack of research, we still don't know for sure how the PGR cannabis affects the health of the smoker. We do know, however, the side effects of using Plant Growth Regulators in other crops.

PGRs are harmful for human consumption and, if used for a short period, can cause breathing and chest problems. These substances are also potential carcinogens and are therefore unsafe for smoking as they can lead to cancer in the long term.

Some other common side effects and dangers of Plant Growth Regulators include:

  • dizziness,
  • headaches,
  • liver damage,
  • infertility.

How Can You Spot PGR Weed?

The best way to spot PGR in cannabis is to check its appearance. The first sign is the color of the plant. Unlike regular cannabis, which is green in color, PGR plants have dark brown or amber-red hairs due to the lack of trichomes. Also, PGR buds look dense like rocks and feel heavy when you pick them up. The added weight is what helps growers make more money.

Another important sign of PGR weed is its smell, which is not as strong as usual. You will not spot a rich terpene profile when you tear the buds apart. Instead, you will probably get only a whiff of earthiness or soil.

Detox from PGR

You can do a lot of things to detox from this substance. The most important of them is drinking a lot of water. Water is essential because it does not only keep you hydrated but also helps urinate more, thus flushing out the toxins from your body quicker.

Eating a healthy and high fiber meal will also help you detox from PGR weed. It is crucial to avoid any greasy foods while detoxing because they can slow down metabolic processes in your body. Foods with high sugar, fat, or sodium can also increase water retention which eventually slows down your detox process. On the other hand, when you fill your stomach with essential minerals and vitamins you boost your metabolism and accelerate the detox process. It is recommended to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans and lean meats. Adding apple cider vinegar and cranberry juice to your diet can also have some benefits to offer.

The last and most effective method to detox is using a Fast Marijuana Detox Kit. This popular product comes with a detox drink enhanced with cleansing tablets, and a home test device to confirm the required result. To achieve it, you must strictly follow all instructions, such as drinking plenty of water and avoiding PGR weed.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The PGR weed is harmful, and giving up on it after a long period of smoking is accompanied by feelings similar to drug withdrawal symptoms. Some of the side effects you may experience after quitting PGR weed include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, migraines, and headaches. Depending on their health condition, some smokers may experience even more withdrawal symptoms.