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How to Pass a Drug Test in 24 Hours

Some employers subject employees to surprise drug tests. This can catch you off guard without any time to prepare yourself. So, how can you pass a drug test in 24 hours?

Today, the technology used in testing for drugs is advanced and some of the traditional methods may not work. In the past, people used fake pee or urine mixed with salt, but modern technology can detect such urine samples. Here are some proven ways to produce a negative result.

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how to pass a drug test in 24 hours

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test in 24 Hours

If you have only 24 hours to clean your system, the best way to pass a urine test is to use a Fast THC Detox Kit. This detox kit can get THC out of your system in just few hours. It contains Super Boost Tabs, Herbal Clean QCarbo Plus drink and a pack of QChew Supplement for the best results. This detox kit comes with home urine testing device to let you test yourself before going to the drug test facility.

This kit is intended to use on the day of the test. It is effective and has a lot of positive reviews. However, you need to remember that there are strict steps to follow if you want to get a negative result. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Don’t use any drugs. Stop as soon as you know about the test.
  2. If you have a few days to get ready then ensure that you drink a lot of water every day.
  3. When you are set for the test, drink water and eat as you would normally do and follow the instructions of the detox kit manufacturer.
  4. Two hours before the test, drink about 20 ounces of water.
  5. Wait for twenty minutes and use the Herbal Clean QCarbo Plus drink. After this, take the Super Boost Tabs.
  6. Hold for twenty minutes and refill the detox drink bottle with water. Shake it thoroughly and drink.
  7. Urinate often during this period.
  8. One hour before the drug test, test yourself at home with the testing device in the kit.
  9. Two lines mean you have a negative result. If you see this then you are safe and you can send your samples to the lab. However, if the device shows one single line, then you need to continue with the steps below.
  10. Chew the QChew Detox supplement. Wash it down with 30 ounces of water.
  11. After about one hour, urinate again. If you can go twice, it would be ideal.
  12. During the test, avoid urinating in the sample cup first because the first stream is usually filled with toxins. The midstream should be collected and given to the collector.

Other Tips and Tricks to Follow

  • Science confirms that ingestion of aspirin can decrease the EMIT assay signals used in initial screening tests. Sometimes, this leads to false-negative results. Taking 1.3g of aspirin 4 hours before the urine drug test increases your chance to pass it.
  • Another research revealed that activated charcoal can also alter urine drug test results. In the study, it was discovered that the THC-COOH level in the body of smoker is reduced by 45% within 24 hours after smoking marijuana, if activated charcoal is used. You should take 10g of activated charcoal with water before before each meal.
  • Do not give your first morning urine as well as the urine from the beginning of the stream as a sample for the test, because they have a higher concentration of toxins. It is advisable to urinate more than twice before going to the testing facility and fill your sample cup with midstream urine.
  • Some people believe that exercise can help you pass a drug test. Research has proven that it is wrong. As a matter of fact, exercises increase the level of THC metabolites in your urine after they are released from fat. This will increase your chances of a positive result. It is safer to reduce all physical activity 72 hours or more before the test.

Do Home Remedies Work?

There are claims that some home remedies can be used to hide or even eliminate THC from the urine. Some of them include cranberry juice, vinegar, pickle juice, pectin, and niacin among others. But the truth is that most of them have no effect, and moreover, some may be dangerous for health.

Home remedies are not effective if you want to pass a drug test, using marijuana detox kit is a safer option.

How to Pass a Saliva Test in 24 Hours

Sometimes, saliva tests are used instead of urine tests. But don’t worry, because there are detoxifying mouthwashes for passing it in less than 24 hours. They clean all traces of drugs in the mouth within a short time. The steps to follow are simple, they include:

  1. Stop using any drugs.
  2. Brush your teeth thrice a day. While you brush, pay special attention to your cheeks, gum line and tongue. These areas are swabbed during saliva tests.
  3. Eat some fatty meal before the test because it will accelerate drug absorption, thereby lowering the possibility of a positive result.
  4. Chew ice and drink a lot of water. This will wash the toxins out.
  5. About 15 minutes before the test, use the half of detox mouthwash. Shake first before using it and swish around the mouth for 3 minutes.
  6. Spit it out without swallowing.
  7. Ten minutes before going to submit your swab, repeat the steps #5 and #6 using the rest of the mouthwash.
  8. Do not eat or drink after this. Also, avoid smoking tobacco.
  9. If you can hold the swab stick by yourself during the test, do not swab between your teeth and gums.

How to Pass a Hair Test in 24 Hours

Getting rid of toxins from your hair with detox shampoo can help you pass a hair follicle drug test in 24 hours. If your employer uses this method, you have nothing to fear. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Stop taking any types of drugs.
  2. Go to a shower before going for the test.
  3. Wet your hair.
  4. Apply Zydot Ultra Clean detox shampoo. Massage it thoroughly for at least 5 minutes.
  5. Rinse shampoo from the hair, repeat the previous step and rinse again.
  6. Dry your hair with a hairdryer or towel. As you do this, do not use comb, brush or any other hair tool that can be contaminated by toxins present in the air.