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Kava and Marijuana Detox

Kava has been used traditionally for a long time to relieve stress. This herbal remedy is also believed to boost sleep and relieve anxiety. Many users say that its effects are similar to alcohol. If you need to detox from marijuana, you may be worried that drinking kava will affect your marijuana detox. Let's find out if this is so.

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drinking kava for marijuana detox

What Is Kava?

Kava is a drug extracted from the Piper methysticum plant. It is a part of the pepper family. The native grows in the south pacific. It is made in supplement form, extract form, or can be taken as a tea. The original users of the root crushed and powdered the roots and soak them in water. It is then taken as a tea.

When taken in small doses, kava causes sleepiness, muscle relaxation, and feelings of wellness. Despite this benefit, healthcare providers do not recommend taking kava in the long term. It can lead to several health issues from weight loss to malnutrition and apathy.

Is It Considered a Drug?

Kava is not a drug even though it produces euphoric effects. It is still sold legally in the United States. Scientists call substances that produce euphoric effects anxiolytic drugs. Another anxiolytic drug is alcohol because it creates a calming effect on the user.

The properties in kava make it useful for both medicinal and recreational purposes. It is relatively safe but scientists say long-term use could cause liver damage because it is hepatotoxic. It is advisable to limit intake as much as possible.

Kava and Marijuana

The most common way of combining kava and weed is to simply wash the joint down with a kava drink. Another option is making edibles infused with cannabis butter and kava powder. Experts and purists, however, do not recommend doing this and urge the use of both drugs in separate forms without trying to mix them for a more intense feeling. The reason for this is the way both drugs act in the body.

As we know, the human body has two types of cannabinoid receptors called CB1R and CB2R, which cause a euphoric effect when activated. CB1R is found in the central nervous system and the brain, while CB2R is found in the peripheral immune cells and tissues. Kava has several lactone compounds responsible for psychotropic effects and one of them is a yangonin, which binds to the CB1R receptors. Another substance that does this is THC, the principal psychoactive constituent of marijuana.

This means that kava acts similar to marijuana and mixing both substances will have a synergistic effect, leading to more intense weed feelings. This will not cause any problems in case of a single or occasional use but regular activation of the endocannabinoid system reduces the sensitivity of the stress-reward system which may lead to addiction, so frequent mixing of weed with kava is undesirable.

How to Detox from Kava?

If you want to detox from kava, it should be done under the direct supervision of a medical professional. This medical professional must also have experience with handling kava withdrawal. Following this process will prevent any complications from an improperly managed detox.

The most popular technique used for detoxing from kava is tapering. This method is used to help patients detox effectively. It involves reducing the patient’s kava dosage gradually over time. The body will get used to the absence of the substance during this time and it will reduce the withdrawal symptoms. This makes it a lot safer to use since it reduces the discomfort that these symptoms bring. With time, the patient can gradually withdraw from kava.

Will Drinking Kava Affect My Marijuana Detox?

Kava has been used in the past to treat withdrawal anxiety, insomnia, and depression in some drug abusers. To some extent, kava does help reduce withdrawal symptoms from marijuana. However, it will not make the detox process move any faster.

Also, kava has some serious side effects such as hepatic toxicity. This means that it can damage the liver after prolonged use. It is not recommended to use kava as a marijuana detox. It is a lot safer to use a proper detox product such as the Fast Marijuana Detox Kit. It has been proven to be helpful in detoxing quickly from marijuana without side effects. It is also more reliable so you are guaranteed a negative drug test result.