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Marijuana Detox Kits And How To Choose The Right One

Unlike in the past, today’s job market has really evolved where most companies are opting to conduct random or mandatory drug tests before offering their interviewees formal employment. Despite being legalized in most countries due to its recreational and medicinal value, marijuana is one among the many illicit substances that can make you lose your dream job quite easily.

Now, unlike other illicit substances, marijuana is the only drug that takes the longest time in your system. This is because its main component cannabinoid TetraHydroCannabinol and its metabolites are fat-soluble meaning they get absorbed in the fat tissues.

Due to this rare characteristic, THC is usually detectable in your urine samples for quite a longer time making it tricky when getting ready for a scheduled drug test.

Now, back to our main content, when getting ready for a scheduled drug test, the first step you’ll obviously need to take is to check the levels of your THC metabolites. Through this, you’ll at least have the confidence to take a detox drink for drug test as you already know how much content is enough to flush out traces of THC from your system.

Although there are many options of testing your THC levels such as getting tested in a third-party facility, ordering for a marijuana home detox kit is the perfect alternative as its both fast and affordable. The best thing about marijuana detox kits is that they’re extensive making them usable in almost all test methods such as urine tests, saliva tests and blood tests.

  1. What is a detox kit?
  2. What’s in a detox kit?
  3. Types of detox kits
  4. How do detox kits work?
  5. Do detox kits really work to pass a drug test?
  6. Can labs detect detox products from kits?
  7. How to choose the right marijuana detox kit
  8. How to use detox kits
  9. Detox kits that work

marijuana detox kits

What is a detox kit?

For those people who might be asking this question, detox kits are generally cleansers or total body detox packages that are hugely available in Walmart, CVS and major health stores. Detox kits can come with pills, detox drinks, gums and a testing device to check your THC levels. For the purposes of flushing out THC from your system, detox kits may take 7 days to permanently flush out traces of THC from your urine or simply take 5 hours depending on the urgency.

What’s in a detox kit?

To ensure that you pass a scheduled drug test with flying colors, a THC detox kit comes with a total detox cleansing package that’s usable in a urine, blood, hair and saliva test. Among the items you’ll find in your detox kit include: shampoos for hair follicles, mouthwash, detox pills, drink and a home test device.

Types of detox kits

A THC detox kit is the smartest option that can save you from getting sacked from your dream job at the last minute. It’s a method that works much quicker to eliminate traces of THC from your saliva, blood and urine to save you from the last minute binds. Now, depending on the urgency, there are typically two types of detox kits that one can use to cleanse the body off traces of THC and all its metabolites.

Same day temporary cleansing

In case you’ve been offered a job and the only way of winning it entirely is by passing a drug test the next day, the only way to go about it is to consider a same day temporary detox kit. Now, different drugs have different detection times. Depending on your age, weight, height and frequency of use, a drug may stay longer or shorter in your system.

Speaking of marijuana, this drug can stay in your system for up to 14 days or more depending on the frequency of use. If you’re planning to submit your urine sample within the next 24 hours, the most likely procedure is to consider a same day temporary cleansing. This technique is known to offer a quick flush to your system eliminating contaminated urine for a period of up to 5 hours after which it will lose its effectiveness.

Long-term permanent detox

There are many reasons why you may consider a total or permanent detox kit. Maybe you have decided to quit smoking weed completely, or maybe you want to take a tolerance break or it’s a scheduled drug test which you can’t afford to fail.

To help you pass a drug test with flying colors, you can consider the long-term permanent detox kits which are able to cleanse the body of THC within 7 days, 10 days or a month.

How do detox kits work?

The main idea behind detox kits is to make you urinate more to remove traces of THC from your system. Due to this reason, the main ingredients you’ll find in your kit are diuretics as they’re perfect for this job. In addition to that, you’re required to drink a lot of water and other liquids (such as fresh fruit juice) to urinate more frequently. By doing this, polluted urine will be flushed out from the body lowering the concentration of THC and its metabolites to levels below the recommended 50 ng/ml threshold.

Now, although it’s easy to urinate more to keep THC in your urine at levels that can’t be detected, marijuana detox kits work in a more complex mechanism as they have to mask toxins in your urine to ensure that you’re not suspected of any attempt to compromise with the test.

Therefore, to avoid this, THC detox kits contain huge amounts of minerals, vitamins and creatine which work together to restore your urine’s natural color and composition. In most cases, Vitamin B aids in restoring the natural yellow color of your urine while creatine stabilizes creatinine levels to allow urine get back its natural composition.

Do detox kits really work to pass a drug test?

Most people have been asking whether it’s safe to use detox kits to pass a scheduled THC test. The simple answer is YES. Detox kits are complex diuretics that not only flush out THC from your system, but they also mask your urine to ensure that you’re not suspected of cheating. Due to their sophistication, detox kits are highly usable in a number of tests such as saliva test, urine tests and blood tests.

Usual marijuana detox kits do not work only for hair drug tests, but you can use detox shampoo or total detox program to pass it.

Can labs detect detox products from kits?

This is one burning question that has continued to be asked by the vast majority of employees and cannabis addicts. To answer your question, let me mention that using products from detox kits are just like consuming a normal detox beverage, which don’t leave any traces in your urine, so labs cannot detect usage of such detox kits.

Secondly, labs don’t test for detox usage. They only test for traces of drug metabolites in your urine alongside any possible dilution of your urine. Luckily with the right THC detox kits and through following the instructions to the latter, it will be impossible for you to fail a drug test as detox products are designed with vital vitamins, minerals and creatine that aid in restoring your urine’s color and composition after flushing out THC.

How to choose the right marijuana detox kit

THC detox kits are closely related to detox drinks and pills. These kits are largely usable in flushing out THC and all its metabolites from your system. To pass a scheduled drug test with flying colors, you need to do your calculations well by considering factors that can impact your final test results. With that said, let’s highlight some factors that dictate how you’re supposed to choose a detox kit.

  • Consumption level: are you a casual or an occasional smoker? How much do you smoke in a session? How much THC is in your weed? These are some key questions you’ll definitely need to ask yourself when choosing a detox kit. Keeping in mind that THC metabolites have a half life of 3-4 days, depending on how you smoke, I believe you’ll be able to do the math to find out which kit will work for you.
  • Body weight: as you all know, THC and THC-COOH are fat soluble meaning they’re stored in your body’s fat tissues. With such a rare characteristic, it’s obvious to mention that the more body fat you have, the more is the THC content that will be stored in your system.
  • Metabolism and health: generally healthy individuals have lower body fats meaning they only store a small amount of THC in their fat tissues. On the other hand, metabolism speeds up the rate of THC breakdown making it much faster to flush out THC and its metabolites from the body.
  • Fast or long term: are you planning to detox permanently or temporarily? If you’re planning for a long-term detoxification, look for a reliable testing kit that’s capable of eliminating THC within 3 to 7 days. If you’re planning for a temporary short-term detoxification, the best way is to choose a fast detox kit that will flush out THC from your system for just a short time (about 5 hours).

If you are not sure about what kit to choose, you can use product finder from our site to find the best product for your needs.

How to use detox kits

To avoid any disappointments in the long run, the best way of using a detox kit is drinking the content at least 1 to 2 hours prior to the test. You should also ensure that you urinate twice or thrice before submitting your urine sample.

For perfect results, always ensure that you read the instructions carefully as provided in the detox kit. Make sure that you choose the right detox kit depending on your body weight and frequency of drug use. Finally, ensure that you abstain from all sorts of illicit substances for at least a few days and make sure that you drink a lot of water to speed up the rate of urination.

Detox kits that work

Finally, to ensure that you pass a scheduled marijuana drug test with flying colors, you need to consider shopping for the right detox kits that will flush out THC and THC-COOH without leaving any traces behind. Below are the two top rated detox kits that I would like to recommend to anyone looking for a safe way of detoxifying the body off marijuana.

Fast Marijuana Detox Kit

Intended for urine test only, this detox kit is perfect for those heavyweight or excessive marijuana users. The kit incorporates one 20oz bottle of QCarbo Plus Detox Drink, one pack of chewable QCarbo supplements and one home kit test device.

For effective results, drink 20 ounces of water 2 hours before the test. Wait for 20 minutes before consuming the entire content in your QCarbo detox bottle. Wait for another 20 minutes then refill the bottle with water. Shake well then drink the content again. Also, make sure that you urinate several times.

At least an hour before the main test, take the available home testing kit and test your urine. In case the results appear to be positive, move on to the next step, which is taking the chewable QCarbo supplement with 30 ounces of clean water. Wait for one more hour to urinate before submitting the test results.

Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program

Unlike the Fast Marijuana Detox Kit, the Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program is a herbal cleanse program that detoxifies the body entirely. Whether it’s a saliva test, urine test or blood test, this cleansing program is workable for most drug tests ranging from marijuana to alcohol, cocaine, nicotine and amphetamines.

The program consists of three sets of major capsules namely morning solution, evening solution and emergency detox. Both the morning and the evening solutions are the best for cleansing the body throughout the 7 day period. In case of a fast detoxing process, you can consider taking the emergency detox blend.