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Adderall works as a stimulant and is mostly used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is generally safe for use when it is taken under the supervision of a doctor, but without a prescription, this medication can be dangerous and even lethal. This article will highlight how to
COVID-19 has changed work dynamics in many ways. As remote work rises due to the pandemic, drug use has increased and the drug testing landscape has also changed. This article focuses on what employers and employees should know about the employment drug testing process in this altered work dynamic.
Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, and some people use it to cool off after a long, hot day. However, chlorine in pool water can be discouraging because of its effects. Studies have shown that when the skin is exposed to chlorine, pores open, and strip the skin of
Ammonia is produced in the body as a result of protein breakdown. Your body removes this by-product naturally, but in some cases, it can fail to do so. When ammonia levels rise in the body, it can cause notable changes in metabolism, such as lethargy, confusion, and forgetfulness. In
Substance abuse is believed to put the workplace at risk of increased accidents, injuries, theft, diminished morale, and violations of security. This is why the United States government and commercial companies have chosen to adopt policies on the use of drugs. They have also instituted drug screening programs, rehabilitation, and
THC is metabolized in different ways, which is why it can take from as little as three days to up to a few weeks to get it out of your system. However, there are ways to cleanse your body and speed up the process. This article explains how long you
Among all the methods of passing a drug test, the most popular now is dilution, which can be internal or pre-collection dilution and external or post-collection dilution. Unlike internal, which implies drinking a lot of water, external dilution means adding water directly to a urine sample to dilute
Although the history of DMT consumption goes back hundreds of years, the emergence of its synthetic form has sparked renewed interest in it recently. Among the questions that have arisen in this regard, our main concern is the question of how to pass a drug test for DMT. Table of
The effectiveness of baking soda in passing drug tests is a matter of debate. The reason why this question exists is that baking soda is known to retain drugs from amphetamines group in the system. This may lead to an undetectable amount of drug excreted from the body with urine
Cannabis has emerged as a prominent ingredient in the healthcare industry. It is added in skin-care products, pain relievers, PMS medicines, and now it has also become a part of a healthy diet. While the cannabis-infused detox remedies are not a commercial thing, marijuana advocates believe that it