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Kava has been used traditionally for a long time to relieve stress. This herbal remedy is also believed to boost sleep and relieve anxiety. Many users say that its effects are similar to alcohol. If you need to detox from marijuana, you may be worried that drinking kava will affect
Keppra is also known as Levetiracetam. It is an anticonvulsant drug that decreases brain activity which causes epilepsy in both kids and adults. Usually, Keppra is used with other medications to prevent and treat seizures. Some people may wonder if Keppra can make them fail a drug test required by
Arsenic is a heavy metal, which can be found in household items, such as pesticides and paints. Water supply may also contain this heavy metal. Being exposed to arsenic can cause several health problems. When it is in excess, it can be removed from the body through a heavy metal
In many cases, a drug test is required before employment can be finalized and Costco is no exception. This company has its own specifics for the procedure, so here we explain how Costco tests for drugs. Table of Contents Costco Drug Testing Procedure What Kind of Drug Test Does Costco
Soaking your feet for a few minutes in a spa tub can be relaxing. But can this foot detox help flush THC out of the body? Detox foot spas are popular today, and the sellers claim that they offer proven health benefits such as removal of toxins from the body,
Many people wonder if drugs can come out on a COVID test. Do you have to take a COVID-19 test for work? Do you worry about the possibility of the joint you smoked over the weekend showing up on the test? Can it cause a false positive COVID result?
To become an employee of the largest retailer in the world, you must follow their drug and alcohol policy. We have put together common questions on Walmart's drug testing policy and their answers to help you make an informed decision. The company has a Global Statement of Ethics. This
Adderall works as a stimulant and is mostly used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is generally safe for use when it is taken under the supervision of a doctor, but without a prescription, this medication can be dangerous and even lethal. This article will highlight how to
COVID-19 has changed work dynamics in many ways. As remote work rises due to the pandemic, drug use has increased and the drug testing landscape has also changed. This article focuses on what employers and employees should know about the employment drug testing process in this altered work dynamic.
Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, and some people use it to cool off after a long, hot day. However, chlorine in pool water can be discouraging because of its effects. Studies have shown that when the skin is exposed to chlorine, pores open, and strip the skin of