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Over the past couple of years, activated charcoal has gained a lot of popularity. It is being considered as a powerful detoxifying ingredient that is increasingly being used in a wide range of products including toothpastes, detox drinks, face masks, etc. Activated charcoal has gained immense popularity for being a potential remedy to pass a drug test. But before we get into how it helps with drug tests, let's understand what exactly activated charcoal is and how does it work.
Flame retardants are a wide range of chemicals that are used in the manufacture of plastics, resin and textiles. As the name indicates, their purpose is to help ensure that the products containing flame retardants will be resistant to fire. The retardants are therefore used to help protect your home
Environmental pollution has captured the spotlight today as research shows that this problem can have adverse effects on the health of residents of the polluted area. Research has linked several respiratory diseases to environmental pollution. Aside from respiratory diseases, environmental pollution has been linked to fatigue, cardiovascular damage, headaches, irritation
Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a compound that is made from ethylene glycol, which in itself is derived from petroleum. It is an extremely versatile compound and is used in the manufacture of numerous products. It is the main ingredient in antifreeze but is also used extensively in the manufacture of
There are claims on the internet that zinc can help you pass a drug test. However, there is a lot more to such claims. Are there studies to support the statement? Yes, some studies conducted over the years prove that zinc has some masking effect. But there is still a
The endocrine system can best be described as a chemical messaging system that carries essential hormones to various glands throughout the body. These glands then release the hormones to their target organs. When this vital system does not work properly the consequences can be dire. Diseases such as diabetes, obesity,
Phthalates are chemicals that work as plasticizers to increase the flexibility of plastics. These compounds are not bonded to plastic and this is why it is easy for them to be emitted when they are exposed to solvents or heat. Phthalates often migrate from items made from PVC into dust,
There is no denying the fact that the lifestyle we are exposed to today is rendering our bodies full of harmful toxins. These are inhaled, absorbed through contact, or directly consumed by us from our surroundings. While their elimination from the body may take time, one has to constantly take
Technology has provided solutions to many problems. However, these solutions are not without their own problems. As our lives get busier, mundane tasks like scrubbing food that is stuck to pans and pots become more difficult. Technology introduced non-stick pans for this purpose to ease the clean up of
Just like many other US States and countries all over the world, Maine voters have given the thumbs up to the legal consumption of marijuana for medical or recreational use. This happened as far back as 2016 and the new laws were supposed to be put into effect in January