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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine


Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is an inexpensive way for scientific testing. It is non toxic and it is has very similar characteristics to human urine. It is also a great way to calibrate the urine drug testing equipment. It can be heated up several times, unlike human urine. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine can also be used for therapy. It shouldn’t be used for internal use but it is supposed to have curative powers. Several people will also use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine for pranks as well. It is produced in a lab and is balanced for specific gravity, pH and several other human urine characteristics.


It is a great way for a company to test the calibration of their urine testing equipment. Synthetic urine can be heated up several times. Human urine can only be heated up once and would take a lot more effort to test the equipment. It is the easy way to test your equipment and it is inexpensive so you won’t be paying a lot of money just to test your equipment before you even get to use it.

Urine therapy is becoming very popular. Urine is said to have many healing and curative powers and so it can create a healthy life. There are some cultures that use urine as a medicine. In India, it has been used for over 5,000 years to promote good health. Synthetic urine is balanced correctly and mimics urine so closely that it can have the same effect.

There are also many pranksters out there who like to use urine as a prop. Using Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is a easy, inexpensive way to make that happen and when it’s all over, you can explain that it isn’t real so that your friends aren’t too angry with you for your prank. Plus, it may be a little weird to use your own urine for a prank on someone.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the way to go when you are need urine for equipment testing, when you are looking for a natural curative, or even when you are playing a joke on someone. There are so many uses for synthetic urine that it has become a very popular product and is being used all over the world for several different things. It is so close to human urine that it can be used for anything that human urine is used for and is a cheaper way to go in the long run. our own urine for a prank on someone.