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Saliva Drug Test

What does an employer do when they need information on whether one of their employees is using drugs? Do they take a urine sample? Rarely, because they take too long to process. Do they take a hair follicle drug test? Sometimes, but much like urine drug tests, they take a long time to analyze. In most cases, they will require an employee to take a saliva drug test. These simple cost effective tests can be conducted on site and can offer almost immediate insight into any substances an employee may have taken. Here is a little more information on saliva drug tests…

What Is A Saliva Drug Test?

A saliva drug test is a simple test where the saliva in your mouth is analyzed for any illegal substances. By taking a small, noninvasive saliva sample and putting it through a simple analysis process, an employer or anyone else who requires drug information from someone can find out if the candidate has been using drugs within the past day or so.


Saliva drug tests are used all over, but are most commonly used in the workplace. They are incredibly easy for on the spot drug use detection, and are not invasive by any means. In many cases, the sample can be analyzed almost immediately on site, so action can be swift and effective. Saliva drug tests rule when time is of the essence, but when more detailed analysis is required, a urine drug test or a hair follicle drug test is usually used instead.

How Is It Conducted?

Much like many other drug tests, you are usually "ambushed" at work by your employer and are requested to give a saliva sample. They usually have an expert come in and do it to make sure everything is done right. They take a cotton swab and swab the inside of your mouth - they usually focus on the inside of your cheek. The sample is labeled, and then one of two things may happen. It is actually legal to conduct an on site drug test in the United States, so your sample might be analyzed on the spot, or your sample maybe sent away for analysis at the lab. Depending on the situation, a second sample may be taken to verify the results of the first, but this is not as common as with urine or hair tests. Either way, your employer will be informed of the results and they will take the action they desire.

What Drugs It Detects?

A saliva test can detect the same things as almost any other drug test, but it cannot go back too far. In simple terms, the drug must be used recently for a mouth swab test to detect it. So, if you smoked weed last week, there really is no way a saliva drug test can detect that. Generally speaking, though, any drug or alcohol taken within the last two days can be detected, depending on the concentration of the substance in your saliva. If you take a saliva solution, a saliva drug test may not be able to detect any substances, even if you have taken them immediately before the test…

How To Prepare For Oral Test?

Because a saliva drug test can only detect drug usage within the past few hours, and up to a day in some circumstances, there really is no way to "prepare" for a saliva drug test. As long as you have not been using the drug within the past day, a saliva drug test will probably not detect anything and you have nothing to worry about. But, if you have just finished using drugs and your employer is requesting a saliva drug test on the spot, you still have some options. We have a perfect saliva solution in our online store that will help you pass a saliva drug test with ease. It is Ultra Wash Toxin-Cleansing Mouthwash. All you have to do is to rinse your mouth with it, and the saliva drug test will not be able to detect any drug residue. Now, this may be an issue because, more often than not, the drug tester will not let you out of their sight between the time the test is requested and the saliva sample is taken, so you may not be able to get the solution in your mouth undetected. But, if you really need it, you can be creative and find a way.

Another thing you should consider is testing out the solution in a controlled situation before you have a chance to be tested. For example, some people like to smoke weed during their lunch break - there is nothing wrong with that. So, on the weekend, why not purchase one of the many saliva based home drug testing kits, smoke weed like you normally would at lunch, take our saliva solution, and take the home drug test? This way, you will know exactly what to expect if you are required to give a saliva sample at work. You can never be too prepared. If you use drugs on a somewhat regular basis and are afraid that your employer will force you to take a saliva drug test, it is a good idea to at least have a saliva solution on hand to make sure you are protected from detection. It is always a good idea to get your drug use under control first, but this is not always possible - it is usually more effective to try and beat the tests instead. You can take a few of the home saliva drug testing kits to determine the effectiveness of various saliva solutions, choose which one works best for you, and keep it on hand in case you need to take a surprise saliva drug test. Saliva drug tests aren't something you really have to worry about, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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