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Urine Drug Test

One of the most common ways to detect drug usage is through a standard urine drug test. Urine drug tests have been used for many years to detect almost any substance that a user can take. But, what is a urine drug test? How is it used? And most importantly, how can you prepare for one?

What Is A Urine Drug Test?

A urine drug test is a test that uses your urine to detect any foreign substances in your body that could have come from the use of illegal drugs or other compounds. Through urine analysis, doctors can determine if you have taken things like marijuana, cocaine, and even if you have drunk alcohol within the past day. If you took it, there is a good chance a urine drug test can detect it.

Where Is It Used?

Urine drug tests are one of the most common forms of drug tests used all around the world. They are very cost effective and very accurate in determining if someone has been using illegal substances in the past few days. More and more employers are starting to use urine drug tests to test their employees if they suspect drug use.

The Testing Process

There is no standard urine drug test process, but almost all tests follow a similar set of steps. First, you will receive notification that you are a candidate for a urine drug test. This usually comes in the form of a written letter from your employer or whoever is requesting the drug test. This letter will specify a time and date where your drug test will take place. When you arrive to this location, which is usually an off site collection facility, you will be asked to fill out some paperwork. This is just basic information about you and maybe a few brief questions on your medical history - this will vary. Then, you will be given a specimen cup - a small cup that is designed just for this use. You will fill it with your urine and return it to the drug tester. In some cases, the drug tester will have to keep you in clear sight to make sure the test is not compromised, but in many situations, this is not necessary. Once you have produced your urine sample, your job is done. But, your urine still has to be analyzed. The first step is to divide your sample into two batches. The first batch is tested using a relatively simple process. If this produced a positive result for one of the substances being tested for, your second sample will then be analyzed using a different, more in depth method to verify the findings. If your original test comes back negative, your second batch is not tested. The data is collected, and your employer (or whoever requested the drug test) is notified of the results of the drug test.

What It Can Detect?

Believe it or not, almost any compound you put in your body can be detected through your urine. Even if you don't take drugs, doctors can gauge your general health just by analyzing your urine. But, that's not what you are interested in - you are interested in compounds that might get you into troubleā€¦ A urine drug test can detect almost any substance, from alcohol to LSD and even cocaine as long as you have taken it less than 5 days ago. These substances move through your body very quickly, and the toxins will be flushed out in no time. The main issues come with the most common recreational drug used - marijuana. It can take over 30 days to get all the THC toxins out of your body if you are a habitual smoker. Since THC is fat soluble, meaning that the toxins will actually get "stuck" in your body fat stores, the more body fat you hold, the longer it will take to get rid of it all.

How To Prepare For A Urine Drug Test?

Preparing for a urine drug test can be quite difficult, as most drug tests of this type are surprises. If you go into work in the morning and your employer requests a drug test after lunch, there is very little you can do. You can try Fast THC Marijuana Detox Kit to clean your urine, but if you have smoked in last 48 hours, most likely it will not help you. In this case the only solution is to substitute your specimen with synthetic urine. But, if you have some advanced notice, there are actually quite a few things you can do. The first thing you have to do is analyze your situation and determine what the best plan of action is. What drugs have you been taking in the last month? How often have you been taking them? It is a very good idea to consider taking a home urine drug test, or even sending a urine sample away to a private laboratory for analysis - these are both very cost effective options that can let you know where you stand. If you do this and your test comes back positive, you should consider purchasing some of the various drug detox products that are available. These, used in conjunction with a very large water intake, can allow even the habitual drug user to pass most urine drug tests with relative ease. Continue testing yourself using home drug tests until your official urine drug test date - the more information you know, the better off you will be. If you receive a notice that you are a candidate for a urine drug test, there is very little you can actually do to prepare for it. But, luckily, unless you are a habitual marijuana smoker, there is a good chance that anything you have taken will escape detection as long as the urine drug test is not too soon. As long as you take recreational drugs in moderation and are smart about it, you don't really have much to worry about. You can purchase home drug testing kits just to be safe, and you can even try some of the home detox kits that are available, but other than that, you can't do much!

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