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Water Detox: Can It Help Pass Drug Test?

Water detoxification is one of the simplest ways to clean your body from drugs and other harmful toxins. This process means drinking significant amount of water to flush out all unwanted substances through the urinary tract, thus preventing their accumulation inside the body. Water is very useful for detox process, as it is indispensable material for releasing drug substances like THC through urination and sweat. Marijuana detox can be performed by consuming about one gallon of pure water every day by small portions of 2-3 glasses. This procedure must last from 2 to 7 days depending on the level of intoxication.

water detox for drug test

Why It Cannot Be Used for Drug Test

  1. Effectiveness
    Although this method is quite helpful for occasional and rare users, its effectiveness for frequent users is very questionable. It can take more than week for them to get rid of THC and produce clean urine. Also water detox cannot be used for emergency flush, when you need to get clean fast to pass drug test within 24 hours.
  2. Health problems
    Although consuming liquids is beneficial for the body, water detox still needs to be controlled and not overdone, because overhydration is very dangerous condition. It is caused by drinking more fluids than kidneys can filter and leads to abnormal balance between water and body electrolytes. This will create brain complications, nervous system dysfunction, seizures, kidney and liver failure, heart failure, hallucinations and other unhealthy states. In severe cases it can be even fatal.
  3. Diluted urine
    Another problem is that excessive intake of water will dilute your sample. This means you will produce pale urine, which lacks the normal yellow tinge, looks suspicious and can be considered as an attempt to falsify the result. Drug testing staff conducts visual examination of the urine sample to evaluate its color, clearness, and concentration before sending it to testing procedures. Suspicious samples are sent to adulteration check. Exsessive water intake changes specific gravity, reduces pH level, flushes out Creatinine and other natural components of human urine. If adulteration check will show changes in chemical composition of your urine, it will be rejected and you will fail the drug test.

What’s the Right Way?

To solve this problems people use different methods, for example take B vitamins and various dietary supplements, which restore natural color of urine and its chemical composition. But there is more convenient way, which involves all-in-one solution - it is effective, safe for health, not suspicious and easy to use. Specially formulated drug detox drinks have all required ingredients to clean out your system from marijuana metabolites without changing color and chemical formula of your urine.

Detox drinks stimulate urination and regulate digestion, thus hastening the process of body detoxification. Some detox products are so effective that allow to produce clean sample within just few hours after consumption while leaving urine appearance as natural as possible. Main components of the most products include B vitamins, Creatine, well known herbal cleansers like Dandelion, Guarana, Milk Thistle and other herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Water detox can be definitely used to improve overall health and wellness or if you want to quit smoking weed. But in case you need cleanse yourself for drug test, professional solutions like marijuana detox drinks are highly recommended.