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Ways to Clean Out Your System in 24 Hours

Marijuana is a widely consumed drug. While it poses no significant harm, its consumption would stop you from passing a drug test, which is taken for employment purposes. To understand how to clean out your system in 24 hours and pass your drug test, you have to know the following: the type of test you will be taking, the amount of THC in your system, and how long it stays there.

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ways to clean system in 24 hours

How Much THC Do You Have in Your Body?

The level is determined by a few factors listed below:

How Often You Consume

The frequency of consumption is among the most important factor. Whether you smoke once a day, week, or month, and if you are enjoying just a hit or smoking up one or more than one joint. The more you smoke, the more THC and THC-COOH (its main metabolite) you will accrue in your body’s fatty tissues.

Total Body Fat

THC and THC-COOH store themselves in the fat cells of the body. So, if you have more body fat, you will have a higher amount of THC and its metabolites stored in your body.

Metabolism and Overall Health

It is known that the body of a healthy person is cleared of toxins faster. This applies to THC and its metabolites as well. If you have less body fat, THC and its metabolites will have less chance of storing themselves in the body fat.

Your metabolism also plays an important role in breaking down the THC. Although exercise can possibly push back THC into your system at a faster rate, you must not throw away healthy habits out of your window. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as do not work out much before the test.

What You Are Consuming

The quality, as well as the substance you are consuming (flower vs. concentrate), will affect the level of THC and THC-COOH released in the body significantly.

How Long Does THC Stay in Your Body?

Psychoactive THC cannabinoids can stay in the system for one to two days after consumption for rare users, while those who consume regularly can expect the components to linger in their bodies for a longer duration. Every seven days, the amount of THC metabolites in your body will reduce by 50%.

So, you can expect your body to be clean of THC metabolites within four weeks of abstinence depending on body weight, frequency, and the amount consumed. You must also know that since THC is stored in your fatty lipid tissue, your fat cells will secrete its metabolites into your bloodstream constantly. So, many cleansing techniques are not effective.

Types of Drug Tests


It is the most common drug test. It is used by a number of businesses because it is less expensive as compared to other methods of testing and is highly accurate. You must know that urine testing detects metabolized THC instead of THC itself.

Blood Test

This test will identify THC in your bloodstream. Because it would not be able to detect THC several hours after consumption in the case of those people who rarely consume it, it cannot be relied upon.

Hair Test

It is the less common way of testing and very few workplaces consider it. It measures THC-COOH remainders in a person’s hair follicle over the past few months. So, it is quite reliable.

Ways to Clean Your System in 24 Hours

The best way to pass such a test is complete abstinence. Usually, drug tests come with short notice, which is not enough time to let you prepare for them. Whenever you come to know about the test, you must stop consuming any form of cannabis.

You can clean out your system in 24 hours by drinking large amounts of water with creatine pills and B vitamins or with the help of THC detox drinks.

Drink Lots of Water

You must drink as much water as possible in order to urinate to flush out the THC. Diluted urine has a lesser amount of THC metabolites, however, a lab technician will know that you have purposely diluted the urine. This is because your pee will have low levels of creatinine and will be colorless.

To make your pee yellow, you can consider taking 50-100 mg of vitamin B-12 several hours before your test. You should also take creatinine supplements a day before the test to normalize the level of creatinine in your urine.

Detox Using Same-Day Cleansers

You can use the fast marijuana detox kit to clean out your system in a few hours as well. Even if you weigh more and are a heavy user of the drug, these kits help you pass the test. The tests also help those who are light users. If you research well, you can find completely natural and effective cleansing kits also.

Final Thoughts

As we have mentioned above, the best way to pass drug tests is complete abstinence. However, if you are a consumer and have to go through the test, you can use the above-mentioned techniques to pass the test. Additionally, lemon and tea are natural detoxing agents. We advise you to research well before opting for any method and avoid exercising heavily before the test.