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Single Panel K2/Spice Home Urine Test Kit

Single Panel K2/Spice Home Urine Test Kit
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Product description

The single panel urine testing device used to detect synthetic cannabis (aka. "K2", "Spice") allows the user to personally perform a urine test while at home to detect any active synthetic cannabis compounds in the urine. This is very effective as a pre-official testing method to make sure that a detox product works for you.

These testing devices will search for the following compounds of synthetic cannabis: JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-210, JWH-398, and also MAM-2201.

These testing kits serve as a secretive and dependable way to test urine samples for K2 and Spice contents. These tests can be performed with consideration to the toxin levels set by Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to guarantee accurate results.

SAMHSA has set the testing levels for each of the active compounds of synthetic cannabis to the following:

  • JWH-018: 25 ng per ml

  • JWH-073: 25 ng per ml

  • JWH-210: 300 ng per ml

  • JWH-398: 200 ng per ml

  • MAM-2201: 100 ng per ml


  1. Create a urine sample and put it into a sterile glass or plastic container.

  2. Take the urine testing strip out of it's foil packaging.

  3. Place the end of the urine test strip into the created urine sample. Assure that you have the arrow in the direction of the sample. Avoid placing the strip into the sample beyond the displayed test line.

  4. Allow the testing strip to sit in the urine sample for about 20 seconds. You will know when its done as the test section will show up in a reddish tone.

  5. Take the strip out of the sample and point it facing upwards on a surface that will not absorb the liquid.

  6. Wait approximately five minutes for results to show. Make sure to view the results within 10 minutes to ensure that they are still accurate.

Understanding Test Results:

The urine test may provide you with one of three readings:


A single band of color will show up within the Control Zone, while there will not be anything displayed within the Test Zone of the testing device.
A positive reading suggests that the urine sample includes a high enough amount of JWH-10 or JWH-073 metabolites to exceed the SAMHSA minimum test levels, which means a positive result.


Two colored bands will be displayed within the testing device. This will include a colored band in both the Control Zone and Test Zone sections of the testing device.
A negative reading suggests that the urine sample does not include a high enough amount of JWH-10 or JWH-073 metabolites to exceed the SAMHSA minimum test levels, which means a negative result.


A colored band will not be displayed within the Control Zone. An invalid reading may be caused by the testing process not being conducted properly, or by the kit becoming damaged. To get an accurate reading, please use a new testing strip and wait on a new urine sample as well if possible.

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