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Single Panel MTD (Methadone) Home Urine Test Kit

Single Panel MTD (Methadone) Home Urine Test Kit
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Product description

This single panel drug test kit is intended for those who want to check the presence of methadone in their body privately at home. It has the same cut-off level as the usual laboratory test, and 98% accuracy in detecting methadone.


  1. Do not open the pouch unless you are ready to the test.

  2. Take clean and dry disposable cup and urinate in it.

  3. Open the foil pouch.

  4. Remove the urine testing device from the pouch along with the sample dropper.

  5. Put the device on table.

  6. Take some urine with the help of the dropper.

  7. Drip few drops to the sample notch of device, which is marked with "S".

  8. Wait about 5 minutes and read the result.

Interpretation of the result:

You must see 2 color lines on the test device: the line in the area marked with the letter "C" is the control line; the one in the "T" area is the test line. If you don't see control line, the test is considered invalid. This means that you did not follow the procedure properly and you must repeat it with another testing device.

In case you see only control line and don't see test line, the result is positive - your urine has detectable traces of methadone.

If you see two lines, both control and test ones, this means the result is negative - you passed the test. Note that the test line may have lighter color tone as compared to the control line, but anyway, if you can see it, it's a negative result.

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