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Single Panel Oxycodone Home Urine Test Kit

Single Panel Oxycodone Home Urine Test Kit
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Product description

The toxin level can be tested at home by individuals using a single panel home drug test. We have available kits to test on marijuana, metamphetamine, oxycodone, opiates or cocaine. It will yield the same results as done in the laboratory urine test. These home drug tests are about 98% accurate for checking on your system for testing only toxins, and not for checking on detoxifying materials through it themselves.

  1. Tear long the "notch" to open the foil package

  2. Take out the sample dropper and testing device

  3. Put the drug tester on a flat, horizontal surface. Keep it close until you're ready to perform the drug testing process

  4. Urinate in a disposable cup. Make sure it's clean and dry

  5. Hold the dropper vertically and dispense four drops into the sample well that is marked "S" of the drug testing device

  6. Wait for 5 minutes prior to reading the results. See the two color lines: the "C" area or the control region and the "T" area or the test area

Negative: It will show two lines which are the control line and the test line. Observe that the test line is paler in color than the control line, but still, is considered as negative.

Positive: It will show a red line that appears in the "C" line. There is no line in the test area (T). This positive result marks that the Oxycodone concentration is more than the detectable amount of 100 mg/ml

Invalid: It means "invalid" when the control line will not be visible after 5 minutes. This indicates that the procedure failed or it wasn't followed correctly. Perform another drug test by using a new set of drug testing device.

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