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Single Panel THC/Marijuana Home Urine Test

Single Panel THC/Marijuana Home Urine Test
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Type of drug test:urine
Toxin(s):THC (marijuana)
Level of intoxication:any
User body mass:any

Product description

The single panel home THC drug test is for the people who really want to analyze their particular toxic level in the privacy of their own home. Individual panel packages are available for marijuana, cocaine, or even amphetamine detection. It will check the same levels as a genuine lab urine medication test. Home drug tests tend to be 98% correct for screening one’s body of harmful toxins, not just for testing detoxifying items.

Step-by-Step Procedure:
  1. Open the aluminum foil pouch by simply ripping over the “notch.” Remove the screening device and the actual sample dropper. Place the drug-testing system over a toned level. (Do not open the sack until you need to begin the drug-testing procedure.)

  2. Pee in a thoroughly clean, dry, throwaway cup.

  3. Keeping the particular eye dropper vertical, very carefully furnish 4 pee drops into the sample hole (designated “S”) from the medicine screening device.

  4. Wait about five minutes before studying the results. The two color lines should be observed: the particular manage series in the “C” area from the analysis panel and the test area in the “T” area of the test panel.

Positive: The control line is the only visible line.

Negative: Both the test line and the control line are visible. The test line may be lighter in weight and color compared with the control collection, but it is still regarded as being an adverse reading.

Invalid: The actual medication test is considered invalid when the handle line is not necessarily obvious after five minutes. The medication analysis failed, or perhaps the drug analysis process had not been adopted properly. Verify the actual drug analysis procedure, and also duplicate the actual medicine analysis with this all-new drug-testing gadget.

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