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Ultra Mask One Hour Cleansing Formula Cherry Red Flavor

Ultra Mask One Hour Cleansing Formula Cherry Red Flavor
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Product description

If you're looking for the surest way to pass a urine drug test, then Ultra Mask One Hour Cleansing Formula in cherry red flavor is the fast-acting drink for you! This detox drink will help flush drug metabolites and toxins in your bladder so that you'll be able to provide a clean urine sample within one hour. It is enriched with herbal ingredients, as well as vitamins that start acting in just an hour. Ultra Mask is guaranteed to work for you or you'll have your money back if it doesn't because the manufacturer offers a 500% money-back guarantee.

  1. 48 hours or 2 days before the urine test, avoid the intake of any drug or toxin. If you can avoid any drug or toxin for a longer period of time, then your test results will even be more improved.

  2. Shake well and drink all of the contents of the bottle of Ultra Mask One Hour Cleansing Formula.

  3. Wait for exactly 20 minutes and then fill up the empty bottle with water and drink it again.

  4. Urinate frequently before you submit your final urine sample within a few hours after consuming the bottle. Ultra Mask will be most effective 2 hours after drinking.

Tips for Success:

If you're preparing for a drug test, it's best that you avoid any kind of drug and toxin. Even though a detox drink may need 48 to 72 hours of drug and/or toxin abstinence, a longer period of drug abstinence will reflect a more effective result. Right after consuming the bottle of Ultra Mask, be sure to empty your bladder for 3 to 4 times before giving out a urine test sample. Remember that urinating frequently will drain the untreated urine, which is important in a clean test.

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