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Ultra Mask One Hour Liquid Formula. Exotic Punch Flavor

Ultra Mask One Hour Liquid Formula. Exotic Punch Flavor
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Product description

Ultra Mask One Hour Liquid Formula is a product that contains a lot of vitamins and herb extracts. It provides quick results in removing drug metabolites and toxins from your bladder making your urine clean in just one hour. This product is the best means to pass a urine drug test! The manufacturer guarantees satisfaction and high quality results.

How to Use

  1. For a minimum of two days before the urine drug test, keep yourself from unwanted toxins. The longer the period of time you are abstaining from these substances, the better are the results.

  2. Ingest the whole contents of Ultra Mask One Hour Liquid Formula after shaking it well.

  3. Fill the empty bottle with water and drink it again after 20 minutes.

  4. Urinate few times and be ready to pass your urine specimen within the succeeding hours. Excellent results are attained after two hours of taking the product.

Obtaining Successful Results

  • When getting ready for a drug test, do not take any drugs for several days. Although majority of quick result flush products need at least two to three days of being drug-free, a more successful flush is achieved when you have not taken any drug for a longer period of time.

  • In order to be certain that your urine specimen is clean during the test, you should excrete the untreated urine from your bladder by urinating.

  • Before you pass your urine sample, urinate for a minimum of three to four times first after taking Ultra Mask One Hour Liquid Formula.

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