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Vale Detox Drink Solution 4X

Vale Detox Drink Solution 4X
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Intended for

Type of drug test:urine
Level of intoxication:high (3 times a week or more)
User body mass:over 200 lbs
Use:on the day of test

Product description

Vale Enterprises presents another popular and potent drink that purifies and cleanses the whole body. Detox Solution 4x has been particularly developed for individuals who have excessive weight and/or a high level of intoxication.

The special mixture of vitamins and minerals plus Creatine makes Solution 4x a very effective and easy-to-drink beverage. Prepared with 50% less sugar than most popular detox drinks available, the new Detox 4x starts functioning in just an hour and guarantees success for up to 5 hours and supplies important nutrition for successful detoxification and healthier living.

  1. About 1–2 hours before the test, drink the entire bottle of Solution 4x.

  2. Wait 20 minutes, fill the empty bottle with water, and then have another drink.

  3. Urinate at least 2–3 times before a test.

For best results:

Stay well hydrated every day to enhance your system’s capability to eradicate the metabolites of drugs. You may not always know when the next drug test will be. Steer clear of any undesired elements, including tobacco, for at least 2 days before testing. The longer you abstain from toxins, the better chances you will have for clean urine. On the day of testing, do not drink too much water; restrict yourself to only 1 glass an hour before the test in addition to this detox drink. Do not forget that fast-acting cleansing products are usually effective for only a short time, so be sure to properly manage your time while using Vale’s Solution 4x.

Product reviews

The only reason I bought this was because my friend suggested it. I tried other detox remedies before and failed. But this one worked perfectly. The day when my result came, I was surprised on how things changed so quickly. It was negative!!! I strongly recommend this product to everyone, especially for those with close deadline!
Excellent product. Even for such a big man and a regular smoker like me. I can tell you, this is the strongest, safest, and best detox drink you can get. It works perfect!

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