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ZYDOT Ultimate-24 Plus Blend. Orange Flavor

ZYDOT Ultimate-24 Plus Blend. Orange Flavor
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Product description

If you are one of those persons whose weight is more than 250 pounds and have lots of toxins in your body, ZYDOT Ultimate-24 Plus Advanced Cleansing Formula is the best product for you.

Product Features

  • Ingredients are all natural

  • Contains Vitamin B and Creatine

  • Money Back Guarantee

Your body is cleansed thoroughly through the strong combination of fiber and herbs in ZYDOT Ultimate-24 Plus Blend.

This product also has another two amazing flavors:

In order to achieve high quality results from ZYDOT Ultimate-24 Plus, adhere to the following points:

  • Certain substances should not be ingested one to two days prior to consuming the product such as goldenseal, acidic liquids (like pickle juice, coffee, fruit juices and vinegar), salty foods, non-prescribed or over-the-counter drugs, alcohol, and large amounts of vitamins.

  • Several hours before drinking ZYDOT Ultimate-24 Plus, do not take in excessive amounts of water.

  • It's better to consume the product from four to five hours after you wake up.

  • Four hours before drinking ZYDOT Ultimate-24 Plus, avoid eating a heavy meal. A light meal is preferred.

Usage Instructions

  1. Before the desired time for the body to be cleansed, stay away from toxins for at least two days. More days would be better.

  2. Drink 1 glass of water measuring 16 ounces an hour prior to taking ZYDOT Ultimate-24 Plus.

  3. Shake well the product and drink all of its contents.

  4. After 15 to 20 minutes refill the bottle with water, shake and drink the liquid.

  5. To totally eradicate the toxins out of your body, you have to urinate twice or thrice.

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