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Blog about Detox and Drug Testing

Many companies routinely test their employees for drugs in urine, so you might want to know how to protect your privacy. Some people say that pickle juice can help to get negative result because they have used it in the past successfully. But does it really work these days? This
Cannabis is becoming more mainstream as its legalization is spreading across the world. This has brought about a new kind of tourism called cannabis vacation. This trip allows you to take a break and unwind without quitting your weed. But what happens when you go back home and return to
Do you suddenly need to take more cannabis to feel its effect? If you do, you may be due for a tolerance break. What is a tolerance break, and how can detox help with it? This guide will cover the basics you should know. Table of Contents How Cannabis Tolerance
Vaping and smoking weed can have adverse effects on your lungs, but there are ways to detox them and reduce any negative impact on lung capacity. Table of Contents Difference between Smoking and Vaping Cannabis Is Smoking Marijuana Bad for Your Lungs? Is Vaporizer Bad for Your Lungs? Ways to
Cupping therapy, which is quite popular with athletes, is believed to have several health benefits, including detoxification. This raises questions among marijuana smokers about its THC cleansing properties. Does cupping therapy help you detox for a drug test? Table of Contents What Is Cupping Therapy? The Difference between Dry Cupping
Although the world is beginning to accept cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, there are still some restrictions. CBN is one of the substances derived from the cannabis plant that has been helpful in the treatment of several diseases, but its users are concerned that this cannabinoid may show up
Kava has been used traditionally for a long time to relieve stress. This herbal remedy is also believed to boost sleep and relieve anxiety. Many users say that its effects are similar to alcohol. If you need to detox from marijuana, you may be worried that drinking kava will affect
Keppra is also known as Levetiracetam. It is an anticonvulsant drug that decreases brain activity which causes epilepsy in both kids and adults. Usually, Keppra is used with other medications to prevent and treat seizures. Some people may wonder if Keppra can make them fail a drug test required by
Arsenic is a heavy metal, which can be found in household items, such as pesticides and paints. Water supply may also contain this heavy metal. Being exposed to arsenic can cause several health problems. When it is in excess, it can be removed from the body through a heavy metal
In many cases, a drug test is required before employment can be finalized and Costco is no exception. This company has its own specifics for the procedure, so here we explain how Costco tests for drugs. Table of Contents Costco Drug Testing Procedure What Kind of Drug Test Does Costco