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Does Creatine Help Pass a Drug Test

Perhaps one of the most common ways of passing a drug test is to take creatine. While this method is actually effective, it appears that most people are unclear about how it actually operates. In effect, they end up doing things wrong since they don’t have the actual idea of how creatine works.

The most popular of these assumptions is that consuming several creatine pills helps to either mask or reduce the level of THC metabolites in the urine sample. Well, it doesn’t work that way. Taking creatine just helps to hide the fact of sample dilution and pass adulteration test, but not the drug test itself.

Still, it is very important detail for not get caught cheating when passing a drug test, therefore it is necessary to explain the proper way to use creatine in this process.

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creatine for drug test

Are Creatine and Creatinine the Same Thing?

The human muscle naturally contains different substances and one such is creatine. It plays an important role in the proper functioning of the muscles, particularly by causing increased energy generation during exercises. It explains why so many athletes take creatine supplements.

Creatine and creatinine are sometimes used interchangeably, but it is important to note that they do not mean the same thing. Creatine is the actual substance contained in the muscle, while creatinine is its by-product. Creatinine is generated upon the metabolism of creatine in the muscles. What a human body releases through urine is creatinine, not creatine. Drug testing labs may conduct additional tests to determine the creatinine level in urine samples along with checking temperature, color, specific gravity, and pH.

Why You Need Creatine to Pass a Drug Test

As mentioned earlier, when a drug test is conducted, one of the things to be determined is the level of creatinine contained in your urine. What does this show the lab technician, you ask?

Well, it helps them determine if you tried to manipulate the test results by taking lots of water.  Thus, it is recommended to know the level of creatinine in your urine before attempting to dilute it by drinking lots of water.

There are no standard creatinine levels for humans. What constitutes the normal level of creatinine in person A may differ from that of person B. What usually determines this difference is the muscle mass. If person A has more muscle than person B, it is a reasonable assumption that he has more creatine and that extends to higher creatinine compounds upon metabolism.

What Is the Normal Level of Creatinine in a Urine Drug Test?

Normal creatinine levels depend on gender. The average creatinine level for males can be as low as 20 mg/dL and as high as 370 mg/dL, while that of females can also be as low as 20 mg/dL and as high as 320 mg/dL.

Drinking lots of water reduces creatinine in urine significantly, and this means that a person with 30 mg/dL cannot drink as much water before a drug test as someone with 300 mg/dL. If during the drug test, it is discovered that your creatinine level is below 20 mg/dL, then it raises a presumption that you tried to mask the THC in your urine by taking lots of liquid prior to the drug test.

Thus, for you to pass your urine drug test while using this dilution method, you need to strike a fine balance between diluting your THC metabolites below a detectable level of 50 ng/mL and still having creatinine not lower than 20 mg/dL.

This is why it is important to take creatine when you dilute your urine with the purpose to pass a drug test!

What Happens If Your Sample Has Too Low a Creatinine Level?

In drug testing, a urine sample with a creatinine level below 20 mg/dL is considered to be diluted and may be deemed invalid or inconclusive.

If a drug test comes back as invalid or inconclusive due to low creatinine levels, it may be necessary for the individual to provide another sample. This can be inconvenient and time-consuming, and it may also raise suspicions about the individual's motives for attempting to dilute their urine sample.

Furthermore, in some cases, an invalid or inconclusive drug test result may be treated as a positive test result, which can have serious consequences. For example, the individual may be denied employment or face disciplinary action at work, or they may lose their driver's license or face legal consequences if the drug test was required as part of a court order or probation.

Can Creatinine Be Too High for a Drug Test?

A high creatinine level in a urine sample can indicate that the person being tested is well-hydrated and has normal kidney function, which is generally a good thing. However, a very high creatinine level can also be a red flag in drug testing, as it may indicate that the person being tested is attempting to mask the presence of drugs by consuming large amounts of water or other substances to dilute their urine.

A urine sample with a very high creatinine level (typically above 300 mg/dL) may also be considered suspicious and may require further investigation to rule out the possibility of tampering or other forms of sample adulteration.

It's important to note that a high creatinine level on its own does not necessarily mean that the person being tested has used drugs. However, it can be a warning sign that further investigation is needed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the drug test results.

Does Creatine Make Your Pee Yellow?

No, creatine will not make your urine yellow. If you drink a lot of water while taking only creatine, your urine will look pale and diluted. It is therefore advisable that you also take B vitamins such as Riboflavin. They are water-soluble, which means that their excess will be excreted with urine. Since their natural color is yellow, taking these B vitamins will thus help you change the color of your urine accordingly.

Natural Sources of Creatine

Creatine is a natural compound that is found in small amounts in certain food sources, particularly in animal products. Some of the best natural food sources of creatine include:

  • Herring,
  • Beef,
  • Salmon,
  • Pork.

It's worth noting that the amount of creatine in these food sources is relatively small compared to the amount that can be obtained through supplementation. However, incorporating these foods into a balanced diet can provide some additional creatine, along with other important nutrients.

What if you are a vegetarian? While plant-based sources of creatine are beneficial, they do not provide as much creatine as animal products. Therefore, vegetarians and vegans may need to consider supplementing with creatine to meet their needs.

You can also increase the creatinine level in your urine by exercising. Gentle jogging or swimming will help your body utilize available creatine and metabolize it into creatinine.

Creatine Supplements

Since natural sources may not be enough, you can also try creatine supplements in addition to them. These supplements come in different forms, such as tablets or powders. You can boost your creatinine level by taking about 20g of creatine supplement for 5 consecutive days.

THC Detox Drinks

Creatine is present in THC detox drinks, in the amount necessary to ensure that creatinine levels in your urine sample are always within the normal range. Using these solutions is the most convenient and reliable way to pass a urine drug test for marijuana because they contain not only creatine but B vitamins for the yellow color also, as well as other important materials for the natural specific gravity and chemical composition of your sample. In addition, the diuretics in their composition will help you urinate more, thereby cleansing the body more intensively. You don't need to look for all these substances in the drugstore. You just take the all-in-one solution and drink it 2 hours before the test.

Moreover, if you take a marijuana detox kit, you get not only a THC detox drink but detox-boosting supplements and a home urine testing device that you can use to make sure that your body is clean of toxins.

Final Thoughts

As indicated above, there is more to passing a drug test than just taking creatine supplements. If you already have enough creatine in your body, taking the supplements doesn’t change much. If you need to mask the drug metabolites, what you need is to drink lots of water and urinate.

However, you have to be sure of the natural appearance and composition of urine. This ensures you don’t fail the test because of trying to mask the remnants of THC or other drugs. And the best bet here is to consume a THC detox drink 2 hours before your urine test.