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Few Tips to Detox from Marijuana

Whether it’s to provide a clean urine sample or to become a more physically healthy person, the process by which a person detoxifies (or “detoxes”) from pervasive marijuana use varies based on the individual. The factors to consider are Body Mass Index (amount of body fat in which THC is stored); how frequent and how potent a person’s marijuana use is; and whether or not to do a natural detox or use special cleansers sold at health stores (just don’t mention the reason you are purchasing the product). Given the current trends in smokeless recreational pot (“edibles”), it is also important to consider the means by which marijuana is most often ingested.

Though it usually takes 3-4 weeks to purge all traces of marijuana from the human body, one can readily flush out the cannabinoids (chemical leftovers from the plant itself) from your system by purchasing a special THC detox drink, usually for around US $40.00. But to proceed naturally and without stressful time constraints, the key concepts are:

  1. Hydration
  2. Exercise
  3. Supplements
  4. Sobriety

Diuretics such as cranberry juice and coffee make a person have to urinate frequently. This is a key component of your marijuana detox. Diuretics dilute doping agents, which is why for pro athletes they are an ineffective way to pass a substance test. Most people do not hydrate enough daily as it is. Consider buying a trendy bottle to constantly refill from the nearest water cooler. If you are not urinating at least eight times a day, you are not drinking enough fluids to expedite your detox.

hydration for marijuana detox

Exercising daily will also expedite your detoxification process. Try to get a good sweat going with a daily routine, preferably light jogging, and crunches to help shred away body fat where THC lingers.

Supplements or medicines that enhance urinary tract health, such as cranberry pills, are also considered helpful ways to speed up a detox. The benefit to this method versus a cleanse for a specific purpose is that one may maintain discretion if one wishes to maintain a level of privacy regarding their detox, which is often the case when a detox is planned and executed for a professional purpose such as employment-seeking.

If, however, a person chooses to continue to use marijuana or be exposed to high degrees of second-hand marijuana smoke, all of the aforementioned detox methods will be rendered moot. For those who ingest marijuana on a daily basis, a detox will be much more psychologically demanding than physically. To combat withdrawal (which often takes the form of restlessness and sometimes leads to binge eating/drinking), a person needs to be able to find alternative forms of entertainment and exhaustion. As dopamine levels fall from the lack of THC in the body, the personality will often cry out for stimulus. As stated earlier, this is where exercise can be a tremendous boost. Team sports, bike rides, swimming, and yoga are all great ways to help the mind and body adjust while detoxing from marijuana.